Location based insights improve your business

Knowing the position of your assets ensures that you will always know that your equipment is in the right place at the right time.

This is not only perfect for theft protection, but so much more.

Always keep track of assets in transport, never lose expensive equipment, see exactly where your assets have been exposed to potential shocktemperature or humidity damage – the list goes on.

The position feature works perfectly together with the other tracking sensors which you can explore elsewhere on our site.

Global visibility of Supply Chain

Tracking optimizes your supply chain providing you with the overview to make quick decisions.

Based on position, you can receive customized alarms when assets have arrived at a designated area or have left of a specified zone.

If assets are lost or late, provide exact locations from your units from its GPS signal. In case of lost GPS-signal, units will triangulate using the mobile network. The tracking device also contains a radio beacon which enables tracking of assets where other devices might be truly lost.

In case of incidents or accidents, the position feature can potentially help you prove where the damage took place, enabling you to receive compensation for any harm to your assets.

Log positions and sensor data

Location data is important to many of our customers – but not necessarily many times every day. By enabling the log function of our tracking device, the unit provides you with a large volume of sensor data, delivered when you want it.

The log function of our tracking devices can log sensor data in almost any defined interval and store up to 200 logs. By sending all sensor data in one transmission, you get more information on GPS positions and sensor data while minimizing battery consumption.

And of course, you will still get immediate alarms when condition values exceed your defined limits even if the log function is enabled.


Want to know more about our position solution?

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