Protect equipment, cargo or stored goods from humidity. High-precision data with relative humidity tracking.

Relative humidity and temperature tracking

Monitor and control humidity and temperature in critical environments like outdoor storage, during transport of sensitive electronic freight, in offshore windturbine installations etc.

With a tracking solution from Trusted A/S, we provide data on temperature with an accuracy of down to ±0.4°C and ±2% on relative humidity.

We offer this high-precision data in two ways:

  • with built-in RHT sensors in our RHTP devices
  • with wireless RHT sensor tags that are an extension of the original tracking devices

Both solutions provide accurate and reliable measurements sent to you directly from assets with our IoT data loggers and tracking devices.

Guarantee compliance and react to incidents with IoT alarms

Goods such as electronics and other humidity-sensitive products must in many cases not exceed a humidity value of 60%.

Tracking relative humidity with the Trusted tracking solution offers not only lists of historic data on relative humidity levels. You can also set alarms when your specified values are exceeded.

This offers you the possibility to react quickly to avoid damage. You get the exact position to see where an incident has occurred as well.

With the wireless, robust IoT solution, you can track relative humidity and temperature in any place or on any equipment you can think of, such as shipping containers, electronic components, storage goods, offshore wind turbine installations, etc.

Also: calculate the dew point with RHT wireless sensors

Calculate the dew point to reduce the risk of rust or to prove that your equipment not has been exposed to moisture.

The Trusted software solution determines the dew point based on a calculation of temperature and humidity data to offer you complete control of your sensitive equipment.


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