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Asset tracking with Trusted Visibility Suite™

True global equipment visibility with asset tracking software


The tracking devices use GPS to acquire a position and send data to a server via GPRS (GSM). It can be configured to send reports via SMS if there is no GPRS coverage.


The motion sensor provides a breadcrumbs trail of asset and equipment. The sensor can also be used for triggering an alarm when a device is moving inside or outside a specified geo fence.


Measure asset performance and use. Utilization is based on sensor input, threshold, and other specific parameters. Reports are generated based upon the data and can be used for optimizing asset and equipment usage.


The temperature sensor can be used for general purpose temperature reading and min/max alarm generating. E.g., monitoring cold chain and cool chain.


The humidity sensor ensures and documents safe environmental conditions. Connect up to 4 RHT tags (relative humidity and temperature sensor).


Dew Point

Calculate the dew point based on the data collected from temperature and humidity sensor.


High sensitive 3-axis shock sensor for detecting impact or a potentially damaging drop. It triggers an alarm upon excessive G forces.


The light sensor can be used for detecting if, e.g., a box or a container is opened.


The tilt sensor detects if the device is tilted or turned upside down.

Asset tracking from one platform on desktop, tablet and mobile

The unified IoT cloud, Trusted Visibility Suite™ is designed to analyze smart data and revealing actionable insights that make your business more efficient and intelligent – it notifies you when conditions or location changes.

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Trusted API

The Trusted API with its defined methods allows you to integrate all tracking data into your system.

You can both push and pull information and even change the tracking device configuration – it gives you a high degree of flexibility while maintaining the highest level of data security.

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Global connectivity with Trusted Mobility Suite™

Download our app, Trusted Mobility Suite™ to experience the connectivity and the smartest features – a quick overview of GSP position and easy documentation from any location.

Easy installation

Install your tracking device in under 1 minute directly from the location your asset is placed. Place the tracking device on the asset and scan the QR code – then you are ready.