Your business. Visualized in data. On desktop and smartphone.

Analyze data from around your business in graphs, on maps, and in PDF reports on the Trusted Data Portal.

Browse your data and manage your IoT devices – all in one place online

Data visualization

Data from your business on maps, graphs, in PDF reports or lists.


Set up devices to only trigger and track the data you care about.

Data logger

Never lose any data by setting up devices to log sensor data.


React if limits on shock or humidity are broken – or when service is due.


Analyze running hours and actual usage of machines or equipment.

Transmission schedule

Schedule times or intervals for when you want data from devices.


Get a full overview, locate anything or recover what is lost.

Geo site

Create digital geo sites to control the movement of your assets.


Track relative humidity levels to detect condensation or corrosion.

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Track running hours and actual use

Monitor the utilization of your assets and analyse the data online:

  • Visualize the actual usage of all your key machines or equipment
  • Use real data to perform predictive maintenance and service in time 
  • Manage your fleet based on actual use and identify idle units

Data analysis

Analyse data, discover insights

See data in graphs to analyse trends or prove compliance. 

  • Impact data on shocks and drops to freight in the supply chain
  • Document compliance on humidity or temperature
  • See exact positions for any incidents


Overview of your business

Start your day with a complete overview of key assets in your business. 

  • Locate lost or stolen assets
  • Track transports around the globe
  • Maintain an effective overview of trailers and vehicles in logistics


Manage devices online

Set up and configure all your devices online to fit your exact needs:

  • Set up triggers to the types of data your device should track
  • Configure transmission schedules that suit your needs
  • Manage other users, subscribe to alarms or create groups of trackers

The full picture of your business. Imagine the possibilities.


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