Your business data visualized. On desktop and smartphone.

Analyze tracking data from your business in graphs, maps and PDF reports on the Trusted Data Portal™.

Get measurable data and valuable insights with our asset tracking software.


View data from your assets presented in graphs, on maps, or in lists. Export to spreadsheets or create PDF reports

Data logger

Enjoy big data sets by setting up your device to log sensor data – also if devices are out of coverage.


Measure asset performance and utilization based on sensor input to optimize and monitor asset and equipment usage.


Schedule how often you want transmissions from your device. Set up time frames when the device remains inactive.


Set up highly customizable triggers to receive data on motion, shock, tilt, light and more, within your defined thresholds.


React instantly to theft, shocks, temperature etc. with alarms sent in realtime if sensor thresholds are exceeded.


Recover stolen or misplaced assets. Pinpoint the position of your things on maps based on GPS or cell tower triangulation.

Geo site

Create geo sites to control the position of your assets by receiving alarms or transmissions when they leave or arrive to a site.

Dew point

Monitor humidity and dew point from the intelligent sensors. See graphs visualized in the asset tracking software.

A software solution accessible directly from your browser

Our SaaS IoT data platform is designed to analyze smart data and reveal actionable insights that make your business more efficient and intelligent.

Stay in total control, analyze large data sets and receive notifications if conditions or locations change.

Your business data in the palm of your hand

The Trusted Mobility App gives you access to your devices on the go.

Designed to assist with a flawless installation process, it also features easy browsing of devices on maps and lists along with basic editing features.

Download it for free below.

Trusted API

The Trusted API with its defined methods allows you to integrate all tracking data into your system.

You can both push and pull information and even change the tracking device configuration – it gives you a high degree of flexibility while maintaining the highest level of data security.

Our solution supports most of the widespread standards including AEMP 2.0/ISO 15143-3.