We are Trusted A/S

We help businesses across industries make smarter decisions by tracking data that provides overview, control and security.

Our passion is the success of our customers

When customers call to tell us how our solution helped them become more effective.

When justice is done, and a customer is reunited with a stolen machine.

When our customers flourish and grow because tracking data made businesses more cost-effective and important decision-making much easier.

These things are actual results of our everyday work. And that is why we cannot help but be excited about what we are doing.

We are curious experts​​

We are experts in the field of IoT tracking because we stay curious about the world around us.

Uniquely, we stay in close contact with our customers to make sure their tracking solution is optimized to their industry and particular needs.

This has made us experts in a wide range of industries, such as logistics, rental, construction, wind, along with theft protection and recovery.

Therefore, we are ideally placed to be your partner as your business innovate or implement Industry 4.0 technology.

The most durable, intelligent and customizable tracking solution​​​

We are a company at the forefront of the industry of IoT tracking solutions.

We have earned this position through our technical ingenuity and a dedication to offer concrete solutions to concrete challenges across industries.

Our product is the most durable, intelligent and customizable tracking device and data logger built for industry. Read more about our design philosophy.

Matched with our cloud-based management solution for all platforms, Trusted Data Portal, you can analyze and visualize the condition of your assets directly on your computer based on the smart sensor data.

Our state-of-the-art tracking solution is a powerful tool that enables managers across industries to solve the most complex problems at a faster rate.

It truly holds the potential to transform businesses to be more intelligent and efficient.

Innovation and commitment since 1999

Trusted A/S is a Danish company located in Silkeborg where we were founded in 1999

We are committed to servicing our customers and remaining experts in the segments we support.

We will continue to produce products that comply with industry requirements and sustainable recommendations. 

Our business philosophy is characterized by our focus on economical stability and environmental sustainability, rooted in our local community with a holistic view on the world we live in.

Trusted A/S holds an AA-credit rating and is owned by the management and the investment company Insero Horsens.


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Chief Executive Officer

Niels Henrik Olesen