Track position, condition, or actual usage. IoT data tracking across industries.

Know where your assets are or when they are in use.

It can be as simple as that with an IoT tracking solution from Trusted.

We provide our customers with insights that solve concrete, real-life business challenges.

With robust, durable devices and a smart software platform, our IoT data tracking solution improves efficiency, security, and offers an invaluable business overview.

And we have a solution for you as well.

This is what we do: smart IoT data tracking for industry.

Running hours of construction machines, supply chain tracking, and theft protection. Possibilities are plenty.

The Internet of Things enables data tracking from just about anything. Learn more about how it works. 

See how our customers use their tracking solution to solve real-life everyday challenges. 

It all starts with our robust hardware with long battery-life.

Wireless devices

Plug and play installation. No external power source. Long-life battery. Data logging features. Manage 100% online.

IoT – connects everywhere

Data from wherever devices travel. Connects to global mobile networks. LTE–M, 3G, and 2G connectivity.

Robust IP69k hardware

Advanced sensors protected in hard-to-kill hardware designed to perform in any industry environment.

tracking device and data logger

Full overview on our data portal: See maps, browse graphs and receive alarms.

Your data

Data directly from your assets: browse graphs, maps, reports, and lists.


Analyze actual usage to optimize and control machines, or equipment.


Locate or recover lost assets, or simply get a full overview of your business on a map.


Monitor humidity and dew point to detect mould or corrosion, and ensure safe working conditions.


React instantly if thresholds are exceeded, or set up automatic service alarms based on use.

Geo site

Create geo sites to see when assets leave or arrive to a specified position.

Show it, don’t tell it.

Track your supply chain

Fight mold and corrosion

Measure actual working hours

Measure impact and shock

Recover stolen assets

Our robust, quality hardware