The Trusted Mobility app

Your tracking solution in the palm of your hand – wherever you are. Free for all Trusted customers.

Your business data in the palm of your hand

The Trusted Mobility App gives you access to your devices on the go.

Designed to assist with a flawless installation process, it also features easy browsing of devices on maps and lists along with basic editing features.

Get an introduction below and learn about the possibilities.

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Quick installation of devices

Making the installation of your devices quick and easy:

  • Scan the QR code on your devices.
  • Configure unit name, write notes and snap a picture of your installation. 
  • Set up a transmission schedule. Then activate, mount, and you are set to go.


Overview of your business in your hands

Get a quick overview of your devices on the go with the map viewer:

  • Make sure things are in the right place
  • Click and see the latest communication and more in pop-ups 
  • Create Guard Lock sites for your units using GPS data and be notified if they leave.


Change configurations on the go

Make changes to your configurations and set up the essentials:

  • Configure transmission schedules that suit your needs
  • Set up flight mode to accommodate flight safety requirements
  • Change basic data like name and description and add devices to subgroups

Data analysis

Follow the latest data in graphs

Light data graphs enables you to follow the latest data trends. 

  • See data from the latest transmissions 
  • Browse trends in data and react in time if something is off
  • Monitor temperature, handling and light data from the sensors of your units.

Download the Trusted Mobility App for free today

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