Your tracking experience reimagined. This is the Trusted Data App.

Manage your tracking solution – wherever you are. Free of charge for all Trusted users.​

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Browse your data and manage your tracking solution on the go

Map view

View devices on maps and see if your assets are home or away. Tab to get directions to its position.

View devices

See your tracking devices on lists and in groups. Browse, search and sort devices as you like.

Data visualization

Browse data on zoomable graphs. Identify incidents on the go and see incident location.


Utilization data is now available on your app. Browse running hours or see daily use of assets in minutes.

Configure on the go

Configure device transmissions and triggers. Set up flight mode or turn on Guard Lock.

Track all activity on devices

Monitor all transmissions from your device on the transmission overview.

Features exclusive to the Trusted Data App

Manage Trusted Bluetooth® devices

Synchronize and download all recorded data from Trusted Bluetooth devices using your phone.

Guard Lock

Activate Guard Lock to lock a device to a position virtually. You will receive an alarm if it moves to a new location. 

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Learn more about our online data portal or browse our Utilization feature