Digital solutions for the construction industry

For hydraulic attachments, all non-electric machines, fleet monitoring. Perfect for Rental.

Monitor running hours

Predictive maintenance

Automatic service alarms

Invoicing based on rental utilization

Track and locate assets

Overview your entire business

Effective fleet management

Full view of equipment and tools

Effective theft protection

Discreet hardware

Impressive recovery rates

Multiple sensor protection

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Benefits for professionals in ...

Construction, rental, and security businesses

Monitor data in the harshest environments from your office

The benefits of running hours and position data to any equipment

Affordable and easily installed IoT data recorders

Theft recovery rates well above 90% year after year.

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Monitor running hours

Minimize downtime with predictive maintenance and automatic service alarms. Perform usage-based invoicing

Monitor the actual running hours of your assets and see the data online:

  • Perform predictive maintenance or set up alarms when service is due.
  • Manage your fleet based on actual use: identify idle units to downsize.
  • Monitor use of rental assets outside hours. Invoice based on usage.

USE CASE, Construction

The 3 most important arguments for monitoring running hours of construction equipment

For all the benefits of digitalization in the construction industry, data on running hours is the real game-changer due to these 3 facts. Learn more.

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Case Story, Construction

This is how a construction company solved the headache of lost assets

Not long ago, location and data tracking in a construction setting was thought of as nice in theory, but impossible in reality. Not anymore.

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Track and locate assets

Never lose sight of important assets again. Track and locate trailers, machines and attachments on one data portal.

Start your morning with an overview of your business:

  • See if machines, attachments, and trailers are home or away.
  • Detect fraud: see the exact locations of an asset during a rental period.
  • Integrate data into existing third-party ERP and management systems.

Effective theft protection

Discreet and easy-to-install theft protection solution with recovery rates well above 90% year after year.

Do not run the risk: secure your business-critical assets effortlessly.

  • Affordable and easy-to-install, easy-to-hide tracking solution.
  • Automatic alarms from motion outside work hours or work zones.
  • Recovery mode includes position traces on maps and radio signal.


Spectacular recovery operation of stolen machines worth €500.000 due to IoT tracker

It was something out of a Friday night crime show when machines were recovered by armed police. And at the center of it all was a single tracking device.

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Extreme durability. Perfect for construction.

We have much more to say – but let us focus on your case

I hope it is clear how our data monitoring solution is tailor-made for the construction industry.

Let us look at your data recording needs and find the perfect solution together.

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