Protect your construction business and see how machines are used with durable trackers and data loggers

Intelligent and secure construction business management

The construction business is very complex. Machines, equipment and trailers are often spread over a large geographical area.

A tracking solution offers managers a valuable tool for optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and protecting assets and equipment against theft.

Our tough, durable tracking devices keep tabs on the location and utilization of your assets, by connecting machinery and equipment to the cloud.

This gives you a modern and innovative construction business management solution.

  • Receive intelligent data about the real-time location, condition and utilization of your assets.
  • Data such as working hours and performance of your assets helps you optimize the usage and efficiency of your machinery.


Fårup Beton chose Trusted to optimize the fleet management of their new trailers

Fårup Beton improved their fleet visibility and optimized the logistics flow with a Trusted tracking solution.

Read the case story and be inspired.

Construction site security and theft prevention

As you might know, construction site theft is a widespread problem and can be very costly.

Replacing stolen equipment and facing increasing insurance premiums are just some of the problems, not to mention loss of productivity and revenue.

With a tracking device from Trusted, you can finally feel safe about your construction site.

Our trackers automatically notify you if an asset or important equipment leaves an assigned geo fence. This enables a possible speedy recovery with minimum loss of productivity.


Avoid theft on your construction site with Trusted

See the three main features of Trusted’s tracking solution that can help reduce risks of theft on your construction site.

Discover here


Benefits of tracking and data logging

  • Know exactly where machinery and equipment are located
  • Theft security trough geo site alarms and GPS recovery
  • Utilization overview of asset performance
  • Easily check availability of assets and equipment
  • Improved efficiency reduces spend and leasing costs
  • Optimize productivity
  • Optimize delivery time
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Preventive maintenance to non-powered serviceable wear parts by tracking

This Swedish company uses trackers from Trusted to ensure preventive maintenance to essential non-powered steel equipment.

Think outside the box and discover the advantages.


Looking for a tracking solution?

I can help you to provide business insights and secure your construction site better.

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