Monitor conditions of freight, special transports, and sensitive installations

Data on impacts, handling or relative humidity levels. Document safe operations or get full overview of assets.

Compliance. Safe transport.

Document full compliance

Impact recorder with alarms

Full data logger capability

Advanced sensors

Built-in accelerometer

Relative humidity and temperature

External tag connectivity

Digital fleet management

Overview and progress tracking

Monitor trailers, carts, frames, pallets

Never lose critical equipment

Benefits for professionals in ...

Logistics, transport, quality assurance, and maintenance

Monitor high-precision data from freight and installations online

Compliance reports and exact postions from any asset anywhere

Affordable and easily installed IoT data recorders

Data integration into third-party management systems with API

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Compliance. Safe transport.

Monitor freight to document full compliance on handling and safety during transport operations

Data from wherever your assets travel with wireless IoT data recorders:   

  • Configure devices to monitor the compliance parameters you need 
  • Receive alarms in real time to address any damage if incidents occur
  • Full data logger capability. Settle damage dispute with data.


Test supply chain quality with IoT data recorders like this global producer of medicine

Learn how a producer of medicine for millions worldwide tested the quality of their supply chain using the IoT data recording solution from Trusted A/S.

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This is why you should monitor relative humidity levels with an IoT data tracking solution

Wind turbine operators save time and money by using IoT data tracking solutions to monitor humidity in offshore or remote installations. Learn how.

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Advanced sensors

Multiple smart sensor options in one device – including external tag capabilities

With our wireless IoT data recorders, you get multiple possibilities in one:

  • Data on drops, handling, tilting, or rotation with built-in accelerometer
  • Relative humidity and temperature data in facilities or containers 
  • Track large assets with one device using external RHT or RFID tags

Digital fleet management

Start your day with an overview of your transport operations – position, status and progress

Keep transports, trailers, and other assets safe and moving – home or away:

  • Get an overview of key transport assets to use them most efficiently
  • Robust and durable hardware can track non-powered assets for years 
  • Manage your fleet based on actual use and identify idle units


3 ways to cut costs and save money on your logistics budget

Document where and when freight was damaged, save costs on harbor rental, and optimize your fleet with IoT data recording. Here’s how.

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Full data monitoring of your assets from A to B. Supply chain visibility.

We have much more to say – but let us focus on your case

We protect expensive and sensitive transports all around the globe and help create overview for managers to stay effective.

Let us look at your data recording needs and find the perfect solution together.

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