transport compliance

Monitor Impacts. Humidity. Globally.

Document safe transport.

Location. Shock impacts. humidity.

Instant Incident notifications.

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Document safe transport.

Monitor sensitive freight to document full compliance during transport operations​

Data from wherever your assets travel with wireless IoT data loggers.

Configure devices to monitor the compliance parameters you need.

Get automatic compliance reports and settle damage dispute with data.

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Customer success story

Test supply chain quality with IoT data recorders like this global producer of medicine

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Use case

This is why you should monitor relative humidity levels with an IoT data tracking solution​

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Location. Shock impacts. humidity.

With our wireless IoT data loggers, you get multiple possibilities in one​ device

Track your transport and get so much more than just a dot on a map

Data on drops, handling, tilting, or rotation with built-in accelerometer

Relative humidity and temperature data from sensitive cargo 

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Instant Incident notifications.

stay informed on locations, progress and incidents from start to finish

Automatic alarms will be sent if incidents occur

Do not let it be up to your end user to notify you of a problematic delivery.

React in time. There is no need for a specialist assembly team if deliveries are broken.

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Use case

Condition monitoring without breaking the budget? Here is a solution.

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