Monitor handling and conditions of freight and cargo during transport with a wireless IoT data tracking solution

Improve compliance in logistics and save money on your budget

Stop us if you have heard this one before.

These are just some of the ways our IoT solution can improve your logistics to give you better supply chain visibility.

IoT data makes it possible to downsize in infrastructure

Wireless IoT devices on your fleet of containers, trailers, or transport frames will tell you exactly where they are and if every asset is being used.

This makes it possible to manage entire fleets more efficiently – whatever it may consist of.

When the entire fleet is in use, you can downsize in infrastructure by selling off unused assets.

In other words. We give you the tools to react immediately, stay in control, and improve your business.

Security and new insights save time and money

Trusted tracking devices in the logistics segment are mainly installed directly on containers, wind turbine components, break bulk, cargo, trailers and so on.

The RHTP tracking devices will collect high-precision measurements on temperature and humidity and transmit the data to the server.

Versatile tracking solution

Make your business more efficient and execute more jobs by making sure shipments are moving and have not been exposed to shocklight or heightened temperatures or humidity.

Containers and trailers are often loaded with high-value goods and therefore require extra security.

Improve supply chain visibility by obtaining location-based insights about the real-time location of assets and equipment to minimize risks like misuse, damage, loss and theft.

Activate geofence and receive alarms when a trailer, a container or an asset leaves or arrives at the selected geographic area. Trusted can even tell you which asset that delivered an individual trailer or container.

Case Study

3 ways to cut unnecessary costs and save money on your logistics budget

Document where and when freight was damaged, save costs on harbor rental, and optimize your container fleet with IoT tracking.

Here’s how.

Full visibility to non-powered vehicles, rail carts and trailers

Our customers in logistics, rail and construction have many non-powered trailers, rail carts and containers. And in a large fleet, non-powered vehicles will be misplaced, misused or even disappear.

A tracker from Trusted solves these issues. 

Not only do you have the security that everything is in its right place, you have the complete daily visibility to save time looking for available rail cart, trailers or containers.

Furthermore, with our Utilization feature, you can log the actual working hours of your non-powered vehicles. 

With this knowledge, managers can measure when carts and trailers need a service check-up, saving the time and money of inspections and break downs.

Industry segment

Rail companies keep overview of non-powered fleet by tracking rail cars, vehicles and trailers

More and more rail companies turn to IoT tracking for solutions to some of the most complicated challenges of their business.

The relatively small investment into IoT tracking devices is an effective solution to these challenges and – as you will see in this article – many others as well.

Read full article here


Benefits of tracking and data logging

  • Monitor the exact location of assets and non-powered equipment
  • See bread-crumbs trail of transport route
  • Receive shock, temperature, humidity, light data and more directly from assets
  • Theft and loss recovery
  • Secure high-value goods
  • Mountable directly on box trailers, container chassis, dollies, and other assets
  • Increased supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Cost-saving
  • Keep track of factual data
  • Integration into existing third-party ERP and management systems

In-depth article

Digitalizing your business

There is an increasing need for optimizing processes and securing planned delivery without damage. These issues can be handled and controlled with a simple data logger that provides valuable digital information.

If you are interested in digitalizing your business but do not know how a data logger works, you can start here. This guide will give you a complete understanding.

Learn more about the functions of the data logger here.


Looking for a tracking solution?

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