Running hours

on hydraulic attachments

Predictive maintenance.

LocationS. Stop loss and theft.

Prevent misuse and Reduce downtime.

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Monitor running hours

Reduce downtime with predictive maintenance and automatic service alarms.

Install our robust hardware on your assets and see the data online

Set up alarms when service is due to perform predictive maintenance.

Manage attachments based on actual use: identify idle units to downsize.

More on the Trusted Utilization feature

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Use case

The 3 most important arguments for monitoring running hours of construction equipment

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Customer success story

This is how a construction company solved the headache of lost assets

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LocationS. Stop loss and theft.

Never lose sight of important assets again. Track and locate on one data portal.

Start your morning with an overview of your business

See if your attachments, machines, and trailers are home or away.

Automatic alarms from motion outside work hours or work zones.

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Prevent misuse and Reduce downtime.

intelligent firmware measures vibration, bursts, drops etc. to reveal misuse

Educate users on how to use your tools. Avoid breakdowns.

Adjust hardware to track both running hours and identify destructive use patterns.

Affordable and easy-to-install, easy-to-hide tracking solution.

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Use case

Game-changing durability: This data tracker works even on hydraulic attachment tools

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