Temperature monitoring ensures cold supply chain compliance

Control temperature conditions in installations and throughout transports

Temperature conditions of certain products must be kept within a specified range to comply with standard rules of shipping. This is the case when it comes to food, medicine and electronic components.

Trusted tracking devices contain a built-in temperature sensor that records temperature data during transport and storage.

The tracking device transmits the temperature data, time and location to cloud-based software which provides you with automated data that can be used for  compliance reports and alerts you if temperature limits are exceeded.

The tracking solution gives you full visibility of the temperature condition of the entire supply chain, which ensures logistic quality control and enables you to quickly identify and manage issues that affect your cargo and equipment.

Ensure freshness and reduce food waste with temperature alerts

The tracking device alerts you when the temperature changes. This enables you to react immediately and identify issues that affect the cargo. 

This not only ensures freshness and reduces waste but possibly minimizes the risk of losing and redelivering products.

For example, if a trailer is disconnected, a manager can immediately contact the driver, so he can stop to instantly reconnect the trailer and inspect the content.

Temperature sensor used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

The temperature sensor is intended for monitoring medicine, vaccines, blood, and other temperature-sensitive products. 

It is essential that the medical and pharmaceutical industry deliver their product in the right condition on time. The Trusted data logger solution helps to ensure regulatory compliance and to prevent refrigerator failures and product spoilage.

cold chain monitoring

RHT Tag ensures high accuracy in temperature data

For complex temperature tracking, Trusted offers wireless RHT sensor tags that are an extension of the tracking devices. These provide highly accurate and reliable measurements on both temperature and humidity.

The RHT tags help you monitor and control temperature in critical environments at regular intervals like cold chain containers, freezers or critical electronic installations.

The RHT tags provide a temperature accuracy on ±0.4°C and four tags can be connected to one tracker.

In-Depth article

Cold chain monitoring improves delivery quality and customer satisfaction

It is crucial for food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure timely delivery and correct temperature condition during production, storage, and transport.

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