Data integration through API – seamless integration

Implement your tracking solution in your own management system or design your own data platform with Trusted API solution.

The Trusted API solution

The Trusted API solution allows you to integrate your tracking solution into your own existing systems.

Our solution supports most of the widespread standards including AEMP 2.0/ISO 15143-3.

This means that whether you wish to control your tracking solution from an existing platform or build your own, it is possible with the Trusted API.

Your data, your platform

The Trusted API makes it possible to pull data sets from tracking devices into existing websites or portals in a streamlined process.

As our API standard is widely supported by many 3rd party fleet management systems,  you can fit your tracking data into your own systems – or create a new one to suit your exact needs. 

You can both push and pull information and change tracking device configurations – giving you a high degree of flexibility while maintaining the highest level of data security.

Our developers stand by to guide your team with the implementation of our tracking solution into the frameset you require.

Read a featured customer story on our API solution and browse other use cases 

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IoT-based fleet management raised productivity and reduced fleets by up to 25%

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Test your supply chain quality with IoT data like this global producer of medicine

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This is why you should monitor relative humidity levels with an IoT data tracking solution

Wind turbine operators save time and money by using IoT data tracking solutions to monitor humidity in offshore or remote installations. 

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