Running hours. Predictive maintenance. Equipment effectiveness.

Turn running hours into actionable data with Trusted Utilization. For hydraulic attachment tools, equipment and machines.

Data from your hardware

Durable IP69k data recorders

Tool-specific analytics

Software visualizes your data

Benefits of Utilization data

Predictive maintenance

Automatic service alarms

Invoicing based on actual use

Equipment efficiency

Use tools and equipment safely

Compare usage across equipment

Identify misuse, overuse or idle units

How does it work?

Durable wireless data recorders. High-precision sensors. Intelligent firmware. Smart software solutions.

From hardware to data

From the harshest construction environments to your office computer

Start monitoring running hours of even hydraulic attachment tools with durable, wireless data recorders:

  • Mounted data recorders monitor tool-specific characteristics like motion or vibration patterns 
  • Running hours are logged and data is sent to servers for software analysis via GSM networks
  • The actual usage of equipment and machines is visualized in graphs and reports
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Benefits of running hours to your equipment

Predictive maintenance. Automatic service alarms. Overall equipment efficiency.

Benefits of Utilization data

Minimize downtime by avoiding breakdowns to your equipment and machines

Take care of your hydraulic attachments or extend predictive maintenance to all your machines:

  • Perform predictive maintenance based on data on actual use
  • Receive automatic service notifications
  • Use running hours to invoice on actual use or identify usage outside rental periods

Equipment efficiency

Boost overall equipment efficiency

Trusted Utilization data enables you to compare running hours and actual usage across several machines:

  • Help customers and clients use your equipment and tools safely and according to your user manual
  • Compare usage across equipment to reveal misuse or overuse
  • Quickly identify idle units that can be sold off
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Digital solutions built in to your tools, equipment or machines

Offer your customers digital solutions and services customized to your product.

Solutions for OEMs

From producers of hydraulic attachment tools to large rental companies

Offer your clients and customers full control of running hour data through your own platform:

  • Access data through API/AEMP 2.0 and analyze data on your own platform
  • Customizable hardware solutions and labels for major customers
  • Offer customers the digital services they expect

The full picture of your business. Imagine the possibilities.


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The Trusted Utilization feature

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