Trusted UTILIZATION feature

Intelligent asset management. Track actual usage of tools, machines, and analyze online.

Utilization data profits your business and reduces your costs​

Measure the working hours of machines, tools, and non-powered equipment with Trusted’s Utilization feature.

We have developed an advanced algorithm that helps you to identify utilization trends. This holds the potential to increase productivity, improve operations and reduce idle time.

How? Well, activate the utilization feature for a larger group of your assets and you will quickly be able to see how many machines that are in use and how often.

This gives you reliable data for making critical business decisions like:

  • Are certain machines overused while others are idle?
  • When do machines and tools need maintenance?
  • Could unused machines be sold or returned to the rental company?
  • Are rental machines being used outside authorized hours?

Utilization is determined by the sensors in the tracking device – most often the motion sensors, but utilization can also be determined by light and temperature.

Utilization tracking is perfect for rental companies

The utilization feature enables you to monitor and control unauthorized use of any asset powered or non-powered. 

For example, you can now control for usage outside agreed rental periods or agreed working hours for the period. 

This allows you to generate invoice information based on the actual usage of the equipment.

Furthermore, utilization also helps you to see which type of your equipment that makes most value for your business and which do not.

Improve service and maintenance

The Utilization feature can also be used in better defining service internals for powered and non-powered equipment.

As the feature indicates the total of actual working hours and usage of your equipment, you can see exactly how much work your equipment and machinery can take before needing service. 

With this knowledge, you know exactly when your assets require maintenance. And you do not need to check it yourself. Configure your device to send you an alarm, when the appropriate number of working hours.


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