August 11, 2020

Trusted A/S announces important upgrade to API solution

New update makes it even simpler for customers to manage their tracking devices from 3rd party fleet management systems.

At Trusted A/S, we are always in the pursuit of offering our customers flexible and customizable ways to manage their tracking data. 

And today we announce the support for the AEMP 2.0/ISO 15143-3 telematics standard.

This move consolidates Trusted’s tracking devices as an industry-leading plug-and-play ready option for providing IoT data to businesses across industries. 

Easier to access and implement

The ISO 15143-3 standard follows a common data format which is already widely supported by many 3rd party fleet management systems.

This means that pulling data sets from even a large group of tracking devices into existing websites or portals is now even more streamlined.

As the API data becomes even easier to access and implement, you can also – to an even larger extent – fit your data into your own management system in order to suit your exact needs. 

In other words, you are now able to take full control of your tracking devices from your own systems and analyze the data you care about; be it position, utilization, shock, temperature, motion etc. 

I want to know more

We consider the support for the AEMP 2.0/ISO 15143-3 standard to be yet another example of how Trusted is the superior tracking solution for both small and large businesses.

If you want to know more about how the Trusted API solution enables you to save time and make more informed data-based decisions, do not hesitate to contact our tracking experts.

Reach out to us on +45 71 99 73 07 or write a line at [email protected].

Despite the COVID-19 situation, we are available for meetings both online and to a certain extent in person as well.

You can also research the benefits of tracking and data logging right here on trustedglobal.com.

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