Together towards a greener future: Optimizing the wind industry with tracking devices and data loggers.

Your partner in effective production, intelligent supply chain, and smooth assembly

We have been a proud supplier to the major wind industry for many years.

As such, we are fully aware of the complexities of constructing, transporting, and assembling today’s massive wind turbines – on land and offshore.

The Trusted tracking solution is optimized for the challenges of the wind power industry:

  • Downsize in infrastructure with intelligent tracking.
  • Create a daily global overview across your supply chain
  • Optimize logistics and transport by knowing exact positions
  • Receive intelligent alarms if cargo is exposed to shock or excessive tilt.
  • Monitor if offshore installations are exposed to humidity.

From production to assembly – monitor assets and equipment with our tracking devices and data loggers.

Optimize production facilities with tracking devices

We provide a daily overview of large production sites, where things can be lost or misplaced.

This means minimizing equipment loss and the cost of searching for tools, machines and other assets.

Our services also help identify idle transport frames, trailers, or other components.

This leads directly to managers being able to downsize in infrastructure and cut down operation expenses (CAPEX) based on the data from tracking devices.

Rely on facts: implement a tracking solution that helps you manage facilities based on actual data. Monitor key assets for not only position but also shock, light, tilting and humidity.


New insights and instant value for money from investing in supply chain tracking

B&W Vølund uses data from Trusted Data Portal™ to analyze when their cargo has been exposed to drops or damages during transport and shipment.

By being able to control the handling of their valuable cargo, they have experienced several cost savings.

Read full case story here

Instant benefits for the supply chain manager

Implementing the Trusted tracking solution in your supply chain comes with clear benefits within a few months of investment.

The overview achieved by tracking position and movement is virtually priceless to the modern supply chain manager.

However, you can secure your overview across the complexities of your supply chain by tracking not only the position but also the condition of key assets such as humidity and temperature.

And don’t worry, data logging functionalities have you covered in sea and air transport without GSM connection.

Monitoring and optimization from production to assembly

Do not send assembly specialists to erection sites needlessly to receive a broken gear box.

Expose drops, excessive tilt or even humidity to sensitive equipment in transit, through the intelligent sensors of the tracking device.

In offshore installations, our tracking devices combined with external tags, monitor humidity and dew point levels to ensure a healthy working condition and avoid corrosion.


Benefits of tracking and data logging


Want to hear more about our tracking solution?

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Sales Director

Peter Nissen


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