Prevent theft and recover stolen equipment with our discrete and durable battery-powered trackers

Theft prevention and recovery of assets

Our discrete, durable battery-powered tracker is perfect for theft prevention and recovery of assets. Unlike non-battery options, there is no limit to where you can put the tracker, making it practically undetectable.  

In the event of theft, the tracker provides highly accurate location information that improves asset visibility and enables you to quickly recover your assets. 

Three means of locating your assets

Position is based on GPS or, when unavailable, on triangulation based on the mobile infrastructure. 

Furthermore, if a stolen asset is hidden inside buildings and on other locations where GPS signals cannot be obtained, a built-in radio beacon can be activated for nearfield search, using a recover scanner.

Set up a geosite to protect your equipment

If your assets are stationary within a certain geographical location, use our software Trusted Visibility Suite™ to set up a geofence with our Geo site feature. 

This feature can send you alarms if assets or equipment leave the selected geographic area, giving you the possibility to act immediately.


This is how tracking solves theft on construction sites

See the three main features of Trusted’s tracking solution that will fight theft on your construction site and heavily increase the possibility of quick recovery of stolen assets.

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Insurance and special customizations

The effectiveness of the theft prevention and recovery solution from Trusted opens up for the possibility of savings in insurance costs, as premiums rise with the number of insurance claims.

This in turn makes the return on investment of a Trusted tracking solution very short and affordable for even smaller companies. 

Another advantage to our theft prevention solution is its customizability. Selected partners are using our tracking device with special applications in hidden installations for the protection of high-value goods. 

Make the Trusted GPS tracking solution a part of your comprehensive risk management system – a valuable and necessary tool for theft prevention and recovery of assets. 


IoT technology provides modern solutions to cargo loss and theft

The supply chain has grown more complex which means that it requires more safety and visibility. 

Cargo loss and theft pose growing problems that often result in concern, huge costs, and disruption in the supply chain.

Read more here.


Looking for a tracking solution?

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