GEo site

Set up geo sites to keep track of your assets

Build a virtual fence around your assets

Geo site is a software feature that enables you to set up a virtual boundary around a geographic location. 

The feature uses the motion sensor in combination with the GPS chip in your device to keep track of whether the asset is inside or outside of the geo site. 

The server can be set up to notify you if equipment leaves or arrives to your customized geographic location.

How managers use the Geo site feature

The Geo sites feature is a versitile tool, which can be set up in many different contexts across industries. 

Stopping theft on construction sites

In construction, site managers often define the geo site as an area around a construction site.

If assets or material protected with a Trusted tracking device leave the construction site outside authorized hours, an alarm will be triggered.

Keep shipments on time

In logistics, managers might want to assign geo sites at critical points during the transport route.

This will open up for knowing when shipments arrive at or are close to specific locations such as production facilities or transport hubs.

Consequently, you can react quickly to incidents or delays. 

Overview of your business

In rental, geo sites present an easy way to see if certain assets are home within the specified geo location, or already rented out.

Similarly, managers across all industries will be interested in seeing whether movable assets are actually in use.

With the Geo sites feature, you can now see whether those new trailers are actually at home most of the time, or for how many days they have been away.


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