December 8, 2020

Next-generation business tracking: Trusted A/S presents LTE tracking devices

The Trusted A/S tracking solution now supports the next major mobile network technology, LTE, making it the obvious choice as a modern IoT tracking solution for business.

Trusted A/S is proud to introduce a whole new range of LTE tracking devices and data loggers.

The new devices will take advantage of the broad and growing availability of lightning-fast 4G/5G LTE networks worldwide*.

This will not only ensure a fast and future-proof connection to data servers. It also has immediate benefits for the lifespan of the hardware, which will benefit customers who choose the new, upgraded LTE tracking devices.

All types of LTE devices are being ramped up for production and are ready for sale.

What you are getting with LTE tracking

A Trusted tracking solution just became an even more future-safe option with LTE.

With 4G/5G LTE connectivity and 2G fallback, you are able to track utilization, secure your assets, and create overview and visibility, no matter where your assets might travel.

The new range of LTE tracking devices takes advantage of the low power network technology LTE Cat-M1*.

This combination of a low-power network and higher speeds of data transmission is estimated to lengthen battery life up to 25%.

Hardware for tomorrow

After recently revolutionizing what to expect of battery-powered IoT devices for business, we push on to define the future of data tracking across industries.

The Trusted tracker catalogue now includes a varied selection of devices for all customers.

Starting from small, hard-to-kill LTE devices with up to 4000 transmissions of sensor data, we go up to extreme durability devices with an estimated 11000 transmissions.

This is why we confidently say that a Trusted tracking solution is the obvious choice for your business tracking needs.

CEO Niels Henrik Olesen explains:

“We are seeing an ongoing evolution of new network technologies around the globe. And through the effort of our research and development team, we are now able to accommodate this development,” he says.

“By introducing a new range of LTE tracking devices, we make sure that our customers all over the world have a broad range of possibilities when choosing the tracking solution that will suit them best – both today and in the future.”

Software for today

Besides the upgraded network technology, the LTE devices come with the same intelligent sensors and software options that characterize our intelligent IoT solution.

You get all of this technology packed in the same robust and extremely durable casing, making it perfect for industry.

Downsize your business by tracking heavy equipment and machinery to receive precise utilization reports. Keep an overview of vehicles and transports in a complex construction setting or across the globe. Protect your assets with alarms on unauthorized motion with a hidden tracker to beat the thief.

Whatever your industry, our tracking specialists are standing by to help you with your tracking needs.

* The LTE-M technology is currently available in most of Western Europe, all of North America, Australia and New Zealand along with the biggest markets in South America.

Please see our coverage map or GSMA.com for updated coverage.

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