Wireless LTE tracking devices and data loggers.
Designed for business and industry.
Long life. Hard-to-kill. Future-proof.

The tracking device and data logger for next-generation networks

Our range of LTE tracking devices and data loggers

Our LTE tracking devices and data loggers support the broad and growing availability of lightning-fast 4G/5G LTE networks worldwide*.

The new LTE trackers take advantage of the low-power network technology LTE Cat-M1. 

This offers higher speeds of data transmission, which lengthens the battery life of the tracker compared to 3G trackers.

The next small thing

The LTE trackers are small and discrete while at the same time being designed for the harsh requirements of industry.

This means they are perfect both as anti-theft options, while also being robust enough to serve as data loggers on hammers and breakers.

Meanwhile, customers in logistics, rail and wind supply chain tracking will find our 9-series to be characterized by the durability of battery life they require.

See the dimensions in the chart and choose your option. **

* The LTE-M technology is rapidly spreading and currently available in most of Western Europe, all of North America, Australia and New Zealand along with the biggest markets in South America.

Please see our coverage map for updated coverage.

** Ask for our ATEX II options





At a glance

Small frame


Extra battery-life

Longest battery-life

Battery life

4000 transmissions

2900 transmissions

7000 transmissions

10000 transmissions







68 x 68 x 25 mm

68 x 68 x 28 mm

112 x 68 x 39 mm

112 x 68 x 44 mm

Multiple data tracking options – all in one device


Robust IP69k


Radio Beacon





External tags

Humidity *


Software features available on online data portal:

Data analysis



PDF reports

Data log function

Transmission schedules

Geo sites

Dew point *

* Requires external tags or our RHTP edition

Find detailed product sheets in our Resource Center.

Simple and easy installation

Our non-wired devices can be mounted with strong magnets, 3M adhesive tape or with two cylinder head screws.

Install in under 1 minute directly from the location of your asset by using our Trusted Mobility App.

Mount your device and scan the QR code – and you are ready to read your data.

How others in your industry are using tracking and data logging

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