December 14, 2020

Trusted software services moves servers

The Trusted Visibility Suite is moving servers to secure better performance, support the continued growth of active devices and users, and exploit the advantages of the Microsoft Azure service.

The early hours of Tuesday, December 10, CET, will see a change behind the scenes on the Trusted Visibility Suite.

In a move towards keeping and improving the high standard of our software solutions, it has presented itself as a natural choice to change the location of our database to a new server provider in Microsoft Azure.

Users and API remain unaffected

As a user, you do not have to do anything. All changes are made behind the scenes by our system developers, and both user settings and API will remain unaffected by the move.

In order to limit any disturbance or loss of transmissions to users, our developers will be performing the changes in a predetermined timeframe, where we experience the fewest transmissions from devices.

Unfortunately, some loss of data is to be expected to devices with scheduled transmissions within the given service window.

Furthermore, users that need to access the software platform within the service window could experience unresponsiveness and unavailability in periods.

Flexibility for the future

With a physical partition located in Northern Europe, the new server option gives our developers much larger flexibility in the behind-the-scenes optimization and design of our software solution.

The move also signals a coming of age to the Trusted Visibility Suite, as the Azure option offers the possibility to provide high-quality support to an unlimited number of users and devices.

This will maintain the high standard and reliability that our customers have become used to, as Trusted A/S continues to grow into the future.

Continued stability and security

Once over, users can expect the server change to provide continued stability when analyzing data on the Trusted Visibility Suite or through API.

Some users could also see an improvement in performance, while all can rest assured that their data is stored safely and backed up securely.

This is why we regard this move to be yet another step forward towards a bright future for Trusted A/S and our customers.

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