April 6, 2021

Trusted A/S appoints Peter Nissen to the position of Sales Director

Peter Nissen is appointed Sales Director for new business and emerging markets at Trusted A/S. In this role, he will lead a dedicated sales team in attracting new businesses to the benefits of a Trusted IoT tracking solution.

Peter Nissen has been appointed to the position of Sales Director at Trusted A/S.

In his new role, he will be responsible for new business and emerging markets.

The news follows an expansion in sales personnel dedicated to new markets earlier in the year. Furthermore, it provides a clear structure for future growth in the sales department.

With Peter Nissen in a directing role, the sales team will continue their good work in supporting and attracting new customers who look to optimize their business with an IoT tracking solution.

An expert in sales and customized tracking solutions

Customers of Trusted A/S know Peter Nissen as a dedicated tracking specialist with a wide range of knowledge across many industries.

With his expertise and technical ingenuity, he has overseen and guided the implementation of the Trusted tracking solution together with many of our customers.

Fluent in multiple languages, he is always ready with assistance or concrete and relevant tracking advice.

We are therefore happy that he will continue to do his good work in a new directing role.

Continuing an upward trajectory

CEO at Trusted A/S, Niels Henrik Olesen, is delighted to announce the appointment.

“Trusted A/S has been on an upward trajectory in sales and turnover for many years. And in his time with the company, Peter has played an important part in this development,” he says.

“We look forward to continuing our journey with Peter in the role of Sales Director for new business.”

Tell me more

For more information, contact Peter Nissen on +45 2630 7848 or [email protected].

You can also set up a meeting with him directly by booking one of the available time slots here.

CEO Niels Henrik Olesen is available on +45 2098 7599 or [email protected].

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