Protect fragile goods and prove mishandling or theft

Tilt sensor opens for new ways of tracking your assets

With a mounted tracking device from Trusted, you can track the orientation of your equipment determined by the built-in 3-axis accelerometer. 

This provides you with information that could become evidence of tilting in case of improper handling during shipment. This makes the sensor a cost-effective tool to discover damage or to prevent theft.

You probably know the tilt stickers you can place on equipment during transport. The disadvantage of these stickers, however, is that you cannot prove when an incident happened.

With the Trusted tracking device you will be alerted immediately when the event occurs and provided with the time and location of the tilting. 

This report can be used for documentation to determine who is responsible for the incident.

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IoT technology provides modern solutions to cargo loss and theft

The supply chain has grown more complex which means, that it requires more safety and visibility. 

Cargo loss and theft pose growing problems that often result in concern, huge costs, and disruption in the supply chain.

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Tilt sensor protects your cargo against theft

We have customers who use the tilt sensor to protect their cargo against theft. They sometimes experience that thieves turn pallets upside down, cut the package under the bottom, take the products, and turn it back up around again.

In that way, you cannot discover that the package has been opened and the products stolen before the package reaches the destination or customer. 

Obviously this will affect customer satisfaction and could turn into substantial costs.

With a tracking device with tilt sensor, however, this could become a thing of the past, as the precise location of the theft would quickly be established and alarms would alert you to the whereabouts in real-time.  

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Digitalizing your business

There is an increasing need for optimizing processes and securing planned delivery without damage. These issues can be handled and controlled with a simple data logger that provides valuable digital information.

If you’re interested in digitalizing your business and don’t know how a data logger works, you can start here. This guide will give you a complete understanding.

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