Radio Beacon

Radio beacon technology can help you find stolen or lost assets

Trusted’s radio beacon feature makes life miserable for the thieves

A great thing about a Trusted tracking device is that you can easily locate your assets online using the GPS location or triangulation position data.

However, misplaced or stolen assets can be stored away and hidden where only a vague triangulation position can help you.

If your premises are very large or if a stolen asset is kept in an enclosed area, pinpointing location is virtually impossible.

However, in these cases our radio beacon feature could help you.

Recover stolen assets with Trusted

The radio beacon feature can be activated from the asset tracking software

Upon activation, your tracking device will begin to send out a radio signal that can be picked up by a recovery scanner. 

This means that even if the area of your triangulation position is large, or if a tracker is stored in a warehouse with many different rooms, shelves or boxes, the asset can be recovered. 

An extra level of security

In most cases of lost assets, a quick search on your asset tracking software will tell you the precise location through a GPS fix.

In cases where the tracking device has not been able to lock in a GPS location, it will use the surrounding cell towers to provide a triangulated position. 

While a GPS position will pinpoint devices down to a few meters, the area from a triangulated position will be more wide. This is normally fine, as you can quickly tell from this position that your assets are around the area they should be.

However, in the case of theft or lost assets, the exact position is obviously important.

The radio beacon feature gives you an extra level of security, as it solves the problem of a large triangulation area. When activated, it will discretely send out a radio signal, making it possible to locate manually using a radio scanner.


Need more information on the radio beacon feature?

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