The many reasons managers across industries love our motion sensor

Motion sensor reveals the use of your assets

The motion sensor enables advanced and highly customizable ways of tracking your assets.

Detecting even the smallest vibrations of the asset where it is mounted, the motion sensor can be used for monitoring when an asset or equipment is moving in real-time.

In combination with the information from the GPS chip, you can also check if machinery and equipment is being used in the right place. This also provides a breadcrumbs trail of the route or movement pattern of the asset for you to analyze online.

The motion sensor can even be set to trigger the device to send you an alarm if movement is detected outside specified hours. This makes the motion sensor beneficial for protecting your asset and equipment against theft.

Utilization: Time of use

When you know when your asset or equipment is moving, you can analyse time of use or patterns of use. 

We call this Utilization

This opens up for knowing when machinery needs service, if tools are used outside of a rental period, or whether new equipment is actually being used.


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