Detect when your assets have been exposed to light

Protect your assets from unwanted eyes

The light sensor in the Trusted tracker and data logger can detect light to determine when the device is exposed to light or when it is placed in darkness.

This is very useful for the protection of cargo and shipments.

Combined with the log features, you can now determine if your shipment, cargo or containers have been opened during their journey – and where and when. You can also place the tracking device in your container or package and be alerted when it is opened.

You could also use the light sensor to check if a package has been open for duty during shipment.


IoT technology provides modern solutions to cargo loss and theft

The supply chain has grown more complex which means, that it requires more safety and visibility. 

Cargo loss and theft pose growing problems that often result in concern, huge costs, and disruption in the supply chain.

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Measure light intensity

Our sensors are so finely tuned that they even measure the light intensity.

This enables you to use the light sensor to protect light-sensitive materials like paintings.


Want to know more about our light sensor?

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