February 2, 2016

New CEO and partner

As of February 1st, 2016, Niels Henrik Olesen has joined as partner and CEO of Trusted A/S. He replaces founder Nicolaj Haarup, who will take up the role of Technical Director.

Niels Henrik is 53 years old and holds an M.Sc. in Systems Engineering from Aalborg University and has mainly worked in the North Jutland electronics industry, including several years as Engineering Director/COO at RTX. During the past three years, Niels Henrik has been Engineering Manager at Trackunit A/S. Niels Henrik is also affiliated with the Air Force as a major of the reserve.

Niels Henrik has extensive experience in project management of complex projects in electronics and software, and management of product development, certification, production and technical sales.

Niels Henrik will with his great experience from the electronics industry develop Trusted A/S into an even stronger partner for customers in the wind industry and heavy industry, where there is a particular need for highly robust and flexible monitoring solutions.

Niels Henrik says that the job at Trusted A/S is a perfect match, and he sees great growth potential in Trusted A/S within the merging market for special surveillance and Internet of Things. Trusted A/S has quickly developed some unique energy-efficient and robust products that push the boundaries of battery-operated devices and data collection.

Questions to Niels Henrik Olesen, Phone +45 2098 7599

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