May 1, 2023

New and completely reimagined: This is the Trusted Data App.

We are happy to announce the release of the Trusted Data App for a smooth and intuitive tracking experience wherever you go. Completely free of charge to all Trusted users.

Trusted is introducing the release of a brand new app, the Trusted Data App.

The app offers all users of Trusted tracking solutions a great new tool completely free of charge.

It is developed from the ground up to give users the essential functionality of the Trusted Data Portal in a mobile design.

This will offer the freedom to monitor anything from tools, freight, machines, or fleets in the field and away from the office.

With the release, Trusted just became an even better option for staying informed about your business assets whenever you need to.

The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

New functionality and more speed

Trusted users can look forward to a great new way of experiencing their tracking solution.

Introducing better data visualization and device management, the app is designed from the ground up by system developers at Trusted.

App Developer, Søren Rask Karlsmose, explains:

“We have designed the Trusted Data App for Android and iPhone individually to give users a modern and native feel on their device of choice”.

“This will also add major improvements in speed for all users,” he says and continues:

“Work is already in progress to boost the app with new functionality, and we look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions from our users”.

Chief Technology Officer at Trusted, Christiane Nico Jensen-Haarup, sums up the launch of the app in this way:

“We are excited to offer our users this great new tool to access their tracking solution in the field and away from the office.” 

“It is a part of our ongoing motivation to develop relevant and effective ways for our users to interact with their data,” she says.

Includes both redesigned and all-new app functionality

The app offers users an easy way of managing tracking devices on lists and in groups. It is easy to browse, search and sort devices as you like.

The improved map view lets you see if your assets are home or away at a glance.

Furthermore, the app now works together with your built-in navigation to offer you directions to go to the latest position of your device with a single click.

You can personalize your view of the information from your individual devices to get the data you need in your preferred order.

Last but not least, an exciting improved feature is the zoomable data graphs that let you identify incidents on the go and see incident locations.

For devices on a Vision subscription, Utilization data is now also available on your app. Browse the running hours of your assets on a timeline or see daily usage in minutes.

Tell me more

You can find a more extensive walkthrough of the features in the Trusted Data App wherever you download your app.

You can also see more on our App website here.

We encourage all users to download the app and try out the new functionality. Use the same login information as you do on the Trusted Data Portal.

The Trusted Data App is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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