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Extremely robust trackers

One device – many data sensors

Global network connectivity

Track positions

Overview of your business

Recover stolen assets

Retrace routes and past locations

Record utilization

See running hours of your assets

Perform service based on actual use

Document use in rental periods

Monitor conditions

Impacts, drops and handling of freight

Temperature and humidity levels

Notifications if levels are exceeded

Game-changing durability: This data tracker works even on hydraulic attachment tools

Extremely robust data trackers endure the harshest environments in construction. We look at just how durable the hardware has become.

This is why you should monitor relative humidity levels with an IoT data tracking solution​

Wind turbine operators save time and money by using IoT data-tracking solutions to monitor humidity in offshore or remote installations. 

Theft in transport up 57% in just one year: Will data tracking turn the tide?

Theft in transport and trucking is rising. The proven anti-theft potential of wireless data trackers could be a game-changer. Learn more here.

Wireless and extremely robust

Multiple sensors in same device

Embedded or with replaceable battery

Logs data and connects globally

24/7 access to your data. Online data portal.

Data on maps, lists, or in graphs

Automatic reports and incident alarms

Create as many users as needed

Accessible 24/7 and stored safely

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For the environment

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