Full business visibility
with IoT tracking solution

Track your business with IoT
to stay top of your industry.

Imagine always knowing where your assets are or when they are in use. With IoT tracking devices and data loggers from Trusted, you can!

Across industries, our tough, durable devices and intelligent software solution provide insights that help you solve your business challenges.

We strive to enhance efficiency, utilization and safety with truly global visibility of assets and equipment.

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Internet of things is changing every industry on the planet

From supply chain tracking to asset management; see how tracking and data logging creates opportunities for you:

Our best-in-class data logger

tracking device and data logger

Hard-to-kill casing

Our robust, easy-to-install hardware for all environments and all-weather conditions is perfect for industry.

Advanced sensors

Our sensors detect position, motion, temperature, shock, utilization, humidity, tilt, light and much more.


Long battery lifespan is ensured with intelligent data logging features and low power state when inactive.

Some of our customers

Knowledge of asset utilization is the foundation of business optimization

Efficiently manage the operation behavior of your assets and equipment. 

With an attached Trusted device, you can measure actual working hours and performance of your physical assets to optimize usage. 

The comprehensive cloud-based management solution and intelligent tracking device cost-effectively monitor that all your assets are operating as intended.

Utilization data profits your business

Turn data into revealing actionable insights and value

High-value equipment in transit and shipment is likely to be subjected to potentially damaging drops or impacts. The 3-axis shock sensors in the Trusted tracking device analyze shock pulses of your equipment and provide a proven real-time overview. If threshold values are exceeded, instant alarms are sent to you from any global location.

These insights give you complete supply chain tracking which can lead to cost savings and meaningful revenue.

Reduce damaged-related costs

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