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More data, more knowledge. Better data, better decisions. IoT tracking and asset monitoring for business.

Get the full picture of your business. Imagine the possibilities.


Avoid corrosion, mold, or fungi with these 4 simple steps

This is what you need to do to avoid corrosion or mold and fungi in freight, structures, or components – before any damage happens. Learn more in this use case.

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3 ways to cut unnecessary costs and save money on your logistics budget

Document where and when freight was damaged, save costs on harbor rental, and optimize your container fleet with IoT tracking. Here’s how.

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10 reasons why you should use tracking on your machines and equipment

Check out these 10 reasons why you will benefit from using IoT tracking on rental machines and equipment in construction and manufacturing.

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Your data platform: See maps, browse graphs, get PDF reports, and receive alarms.

Your data

Data from your business on maps, graphs, in PDF reports or lists.


Get a full overview, locate anything or recover what is lost.


React if limits on shock or humidity are broken – or when service is due.


Analyze running hours and actual usage of machines or equipment .


Monitor shock levels to document safe transport of sensitive freight.


Track relative humidity levels to detect condensation or corrosion.

Wireless, robust and adaptable. With high-precision sensors inside.

Wireless devices

Plug and play installation. No external power source. Long-life battery. Data logging features. Manage 100% online.

IoT – connects everywhere

Data from wherever devices travel. Connects to global mobile networks. LTE–M, 3G, and 2G connectivity.

Robust IP69k hardware

Advanced sensors protected in hard-to-kill hardware designed to perform in any industry environment.

Show it, don’t tell it.

Track your supply chain

Fight mold and corrosion

Measure actual working hours

Measure impact and shock

Recover stolen assets

Our robust, quality hardware