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How to avoid theft on your construction site​

Theft on construction sites is an increasing problem that will give any construction site manager concerns about lost earnings and the costs of replacing equipment.

In this in-depth article, you will learn how technology can combat the issue of theft.

The challenges of construction site theft

Theft causes both direct and indirect expenses on a construction site. Replacing costly material and equipment is a considerable expense, but it also puts the projects over budget due to costs of lost time, productivity and revenue.

But it is difficult to secure a construction site, and the amount of theft has been increasing over the years. 

According to figures from the Danish National Police, the number of reported thefts has increased with 10.2 percent in the first quarter of 2017, 15.3 percent in the second and 18.4 percent in the third.

It creates operational disruption, and if a manager cannot guarantee the delivery time of the project, it may affect customer satisfaction and business reputation. 

Disregarding the business side of things, there are furthermore the elements of concern and stress associated with theft. 

How tracking can help fight the challenges of theft

A solution to fight the challenges of theft is to incorporate trackers into the protection of your construction site.

Put a small, durable tracking device on your machinery and other equipment and keep track the location and usage of your equipment.

While your assets might still be targeted by criminals, your knowledge of location and usage will enable a speedy recovery of assets with the help of the police. 

The Trusted anti-theft solution consists of small and durable battery-operated tracking devices and a cloud-based software that monitors your equipment. This combination puts you in the driver’s seat in any case of theft. 

1) Real-time location

The cloud-based software gives you a daily overview of the location of your assets and equipment. 

In case of theft, it provides the current location of the equipment for recovering. Furthermore, when you place a tracking device on your larger equipment, you usually recover other lost equipment at the same location.

2) Geofence alerts

The tracking solution will alert you if your equipment or asset is moving when it should not be.

Set up a geofence around your construction site and the cloud-based software will send you an alarm if the asset leaves the chosen geofence.

3) Easy to hide

Thieves know where to look for tracking devices. However, because Trusted’s devices are battery-powered and small, there are many different ways of concealing it, making it very difficult to discover or disarm. Also, this means devices can be installed on non-powered assets.

Tracking combined with DNA labeling

Tracking and DNA labeling are the best combinations to secure your construction site. DNA labeling is an invisible, easy, and cheap way to protect your tools and equipment.

Experience shows that DNA labeling equipment reduces the risk of theft by up to 85% – it makes it easier for the police to prove evidence when they stop suspicious cars with large amounts of expensive, professional tools.

DNA labeling is a preventive effect because labeling makes it more difficult for thieves to resell the equipment as they can trace directly back to the owner.  Therefore, it is beneficial to combined DNA labeling with a tracking device because it helps to raise evidence and increases the chance of recovering.

Is tracking worth the investment?

While the installation of trackers will require an investment for construction site managers, the alternative might be more expensive. 

The increase in theft at construction sites is contributing to rises in insurance premiums. Possibly, the installation of a tracking device on your equipment can result in lower insurance premiums.

Besides the economical benefits, another advantage of choosing a tracking solution is the benefit of efficiency, sense of justice, and job satisfaction.

Other benefits using tracking at construction sites

A solution from Trusted does not only reduce costs related to theft. It also provides business insights you can turn into substantial savings.

Trusted offers a utilization feature that enables you to measure asset performance and working hours. It can be used for optimizing asset and equipment usage that can turn into cost savings. For example, measure your rented equipment. You might have some idling equipment, you do not need to rent.


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