Battery-powered Iridium satellite tracking.
Truly global tracking in harsh conditions.
Long life. Hard-to-kill. Anywhere.

Truly global tracking with Iridium satellite tracking technology

Our S1 Iridium satellite tracking device.

The S1 Iridium satellite tracking device will provide position data anywhere on the globe.

It has been tested and has performed in even the harshest conditions.

But what sets it apart from the rest of our catalogue is its truly global connection: the Iridium satellite system.

When we say anywhere, we mean anywhere

The S1 has successfully been tested, well, everywhere!

It has tracked ice floes and ocean currents on buys in the Arctic.

It has tracked the training ship Danmark on a voyage from Europe to the Caribbean and back, leaving a clear breadcrumb trail across the ocean.

It has been in operation in offshore installations far from land.

Currently, S1 iridium tracking technology from Trusted is tracking endangered wildlife in the African savannah.


Device Type

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Truly global tracking

Battery life

5000 transmissions




112 x 68 x 39 mm





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