Novembro 14, 2023

Trusted introduces data tracker with Bluetooth® Low Energy option: Connect and transfer data anywhere

Discover Bluetooth® data trackers from Trusted – Synchronize and transfer data on-the-go with your phone. Learn more!

We are adding the Trusted Bluetooth® edition to our catalog of robust, wireless data trackers.

The new edition features the same global LTE/GSM connectivity and data sensors as our standard devices but comes with ground-breaking new functionality.

Featuring the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, BLE, you can now transfer data from Bluetooth devices to your phone using the latest version of the Trusted Data App.

This enables users to receive data from devices that monitor assets in locations with little or no GSM coverage.

Removing the critical element of network coverage opens up a variety of exciting new data tracking use cases for assets in enclosed or remote locations.

Featuring two key innovations

The exciting new possibilities with our Bluetooth® edition are driven by two key innovations.

The first is the introduction of our new Bluetooth Data Carrier function.

This enables users – even without GSM network coverage – to sync with their nearby Trusted Bluetooth devices and download all recorded tracking data onto the Trusted Data App.

The app will serve as a data carrier until the phone reconnects to a network at which point all data will automatically be transmitted to the Trusted Data Portal.

Another key innovation is that all new configurations and updates to Bluetooth devices are pushed automatically to your Trusted Data App.

This means your phone will always carry the latest settings and keep your Bluetooth devices that are out of range fully updated as you sync.

The new use cases with Bluetooth data tracking

With the Trusted Bluetooth edition data tracker, you can manage and update devices that are mounted to assets in places where the device itself cannot transmit data.

The Bluetooth Data Carrier function removes the critical element of not being able to retrieve important data on your device due to network issues.

This will be a major game-changer for customers in logistics who plan to send freight to remote places or through areas with spotty network connections.

In construction use cases, Bluetooth devices will ensure that data on running hours and utilization can be transferred, even if work only takes place in enclosed settings such as large indoor facilities, or in remote locations such as mines or quarries with little or no network.

Made possible by the Trusted Data App

The introduction of our Bluetooth edition data tracker is made possible by the new and updated Trusted Data App.

Besides the new Bluetooth Data Carrier functionality, the fresh release features a lot of new updates for all users.

You now get an even better viewing of your data in both vertical and horizontal graphs, while new and improved map navigation now includes the choice to view positions from devices in specific subgroups on the same map.

Furthermore, the release comes with multiple improvements in user experience and speed for all Trusted users to enjoy on Android and iOS.

I want to know more

If you want to know more, you can go to our dedicated Bluetooth® edition webpage here.

Bluetooth data trackers require a Trusted Premium subscription that includes all the tracking features of the Trusted Data Portal, along with access to the new Bluetooth Data Carrier functionality on the latest version of the Trusted Data App.

Hardware is in stock and is ready to order.

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