Junho 4, 2024

Introducing Trusted as a Service: An all-inclusive data-tracking subscription

Unlock the value of your business data with Trusted as a Service (TaaS) – our most complete and feature-packed subscription to date.

Optimize your business with the data-driven insights you need for your project.

Introducing Trusted as a Service (TaaS), a data tracking subscription that includes everything to implement data tracking for any use case across industries.

We give you all the tools you need – both hardware and software access – for just one annual fee.

Everything is included in one service so you can focus on your project, whether you need data on shock, or humidity levels or wish to monitor running hours of hydraulic attachment tools or more.

This makes TaaS our most straightforward way to implement data tracking.

Putting the data that customers need at center stage

With low initial investment costs, Trusted as a Service is designed to benefit the cash flow of the customer.

By including everything in a transparent annual subscription fee, more professionals can invest in the data solution they require to solve their business case.

For most, it will be as easy as stating which data is needed, and Trusted will provide the rest.

CEO of Trusted, Niels Henrik Olesen, says: “Trusted as a Service is a straightforward solution that has the data needs of the customers at center stage.”

He explains: “If a company needs to, say, monitor shock impacts to freight or monitor humidity in sensitive transports, we can take it from there and provide a plug-and-play solution.”

“With Trusted as a Service, the process will feel much more effective for the customer who can keep the focus on data only,” he says and concludes, “which is why we expect Trusted as a Service to become a popular choice in the market”.

Reducing carbon footprint and electronic waste

Trusted as a Service also supports the target of modern companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

The TaaS subscription includes our energy-efficient and long-life data-tracking devices optimized for long-term use.

And because devices are owned by Trusted on this subscription, they will all be returned for refurbishment to ensure no functional hardware is wasted.

In this way, the TaaS data tracking solution supports initiatives like limiting e-waste (WEEE) for a more sustainable agenda.

Get started with Trusted as a Service

Trusted as a Service is a new subscription type introduced alongside our other solutions for industry professionals.

All tracking hardware is included in the subscription and is perfect for monitoring impacts, drops, and humidity levels for transport operations, or running hours to attachment tools across the construction sector.

Furthermore, all hardware comes with GPS position tracking, temperature and tilt monitoring, and motion and light detection.

You can read more on TaaS on our website and browse our other subscription options in Price information.

Learn more – contact us today for more information and pricing.

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