Junho 7, 2021

Trusted A/S sales team upgraded with Sales Manager to France

We have added another Sales Manager to our strong sales department. Mette Abrahams joins Trusted A/S to meet the increasing interest for solid tracking solutions in industries in French-speaking countries.

Trusted A/S has updated its sales team with Mette Abrahams as Sales Manager for our French-speaking markets.

This is a part of our ambition to strengthen our relations to French-speaking customers all around the world and support them in their mother tongue.

Our new Sales Manager

Mette Abrahams is Danish and has a master’s degree in French and international business communication from Aarhus University.

In addition to her strong French language skills, she has acquired a profound intercultural experience from several French-speaking working environments in both France and Denmark.

Furthermore, she has travelled more in France than most French people and is a big lover of French cheese.

Presence in French-speaking markets

At Trusted A/S, she will both be responsible for the French-speaking markets and assist the Marketing Manager in his daily communication tasks.

“I am thrilled to join Trusted A/S, and I will do my best to contribute to an even stronger business and customer support in French-speaking countries.”, Mette says and continues:

“Trusted A/S has developed a product that I truly believe in, so I look forward to share this passion with existing and new customers.”

We are happy to have Mette onboard to strengthen our connection to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Québec as well as Northwest Africa.

CEO at Trusted A/S, Niels Henrik Olesen, confirms: “We want to have a clear presence in the tracking market in this region to provide support to our clients here in the best way possible.”

Meet Mette

Contact Mette on telephone (+45 2594 8845), or mail ([email protected]).

« Je suis impatiente de vous rencontrer et de vous montrer à quel point notre dispositif de suivi est capable de créer de réelles opportunités pour vous et pour l’efficacité, l’utilisation et la sécurité de vos activités. »

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