avril 26, 2022

New product launch: Trusted A/S introduces IoT devices with additional built-in tracking sensors

Trusted A/S is proud to announce our new RHTP tracking device and data logger series. The new series features high-precision relative humidity, temperature, and air pressure sensors in one single wireless IoT device.

Today, Trusted A/S is releasing a new series of tracking devices with data logger capability, which introduces built-in RHTP tracking sensors.

The series features tracking of high-precision data on relative humidity and temperature along with air pressure.

This new functionality is impressively packed along with the intelligent sensors our hardware is already known for.

This means you can now track relative humidity, temperature, and air pressure along with motion, shock, tilt, light, and more in one single wireless IoT device.

And as always, devices come in a robust casing and promise battery life for years.

An upgrade to our current solution of high-precision RHT tracking

Current customers are already tracking relative humidity and temperature by using external RHT tags that rely on nearby tracking devices.

Now, with an all-in-one RHTP tracking device, it is possible to choose an option where no additional external hardware is required.

This will limit both the installation costs and the risk of connection failure while simplifying the installation process for future tracking operations.

The RHTP device will transmit and log the high-precision data you care for, from exactly where it has been mounted – wherever it travels.

A small IoT device that makes a huge difference

The possibility of monitoring relative humidity, temperature, and air pressure is essential in many use cases.

In logistics, for example, RHTP devices will ensure compliance when moving sensitive freight, as the data logger function will monitor relevant data all through transport.

Likewise, sensitive assets in storage or installed in remote or hard-to-access places can be monitored by a single device to avoid corrosion, mold, or to ensure healthy working conditions.

The data is accessible from anywhere on our online data platform or through API.

In this software, you can also set up alarms to make devices within data coverage alert you in real-time if levels rise or fluctuate.

By demand and by a leap in technological progress

The incorporation of built-in RHTP functionality on top of the features of the original devices was made possible by the technological progress made by the Trusted A/S R&D department.

It was inspired by popular demand, as it fits many of the real-life use cases of our customers, some of which are mentioned above.

« We are proud of the technical ingenuity of this new RHTP tracking device », says CEO of Trusted, Niels Henrik Olesen.

« And we are excited to release the series to solve use cases where the new sensors can really make a difference. »

He concludes, « we are sure that both new and current clients will find the devices extremely helpful and fitting for their tracking needs. »

Here is what else you need to know

The RHTP series includes 4 editions that vary in battery life but feature the same advanced sensors and robustness in their frame.

You can review the entire new series of RHTP tracking devices HERE.

If you want to know more, or if you have specific questions about functionality, do not hesitate to contact our tracking specialists. We also stand by for giving online demonstrations – book a meeting HERE.

Also, read more about the benefits of tracking humidity by clicking HERE. For the major benefits of tracking temperature, find an article HERE.

If you want to know more about tracking in logistics or in the wind industry, where our RHTP tracking solution is especially widespread, visit the relevant links.

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