octobre 12, 2023

Fourth year in a row: Trusted receives Gazelle recognition

Once again, it is with great pleasure that Trusted A/S has been awarded the status as Gazelle company. This year for a fourth straight time.

Third time’s a charm, but the fourth is even better.

Trusted A/S has again been awarded the status of Børsen Gazelle company for ‘outstanding and consistent business growth’ now for an impressive fourth time in a row.

This time – to underline the achievement of a fourth straight award – it comes with the added recognition of ‘Marathon Gazelle’.

It turns out that this is an excellent description for a company that – despite all of this success – is just getting started.

‘It is a marathon, not a sprint’

« We couldn’t be more proud », says Niels Henrik Olesen, CEO at Trusted A/S. « Receiving four Gazelle awards in a row is not something that happens a lot. »

« A recognition like this is the perfect boost for us as we look towards a period with several exciting new initiatives to support future growth, » he reveals.

« We are offering data tracking solutions that are sustainable and will serve our key markets in the long run, » he says, adding: « It is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are just at the beginning. »

Global initiatives are being rewarded

From pointing ahead towards news to be released in the coming months, Niels Henrik Olesen is quick to point attention back towards the team at the Trusted A/S headquarters in Silkeborg, Denmark.

« Trusted is a team of ambitious colleagues who aim high when it comes to our services, » he says.

An increased focus on attracting dealers and distributors along with a determination to be present at events and exhibitions globally has seen the Trusted team travel across continents.

« We now have dealers and distributors on five continents and are always looking for opportunities on our key markets, » Niels Henrik Olesen, CEO at Trusted A/S, says.

« We feel our global initiatives are being rewarded, » he says before concluding:

« Working hard for our customers will remain our top priority. Our way is to attract even more industry professionals to the benefits of the Trusted data-tracking solution by having happy customers. »

A grateful gazelle

Trusted A/S would like to thank Dagbladet Børsen, both for the status of Gazelle company once again, and the exclusive title of ‘Marathon Gazelle’.

Both honors are celebrated by a team that knows nothing of this would be possible without our loyal customers and clients, some of whom have been with us throughout the years.

Therefore, a huge ‘Thank you’ goes out to all customers, dealers, distributors, and users of the Trusted tracking solution globally.

We look forward to revealing our news to you all very soon.

For more information, contact:

CEO, Niels Henrik Olesen, +45 2098 7599, [email protected]

Marketing Manager, Simon Lindbjerg, +45 2594 0434, [email protected]

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