mai 20, 2020

COVID-19 highlights the immeasurable value of IoT tracking across businesses

In a reality where even vital medical equipment can go out of stock as supply chains are disrupted, intelligent business tracking is a solution to stay in control, keep an overview, and react quickly. Review your opportunities here.

We might never have seen a more relevant time for complete business visibility and tracking of business assets than now.

  • Business is grinding to a halt and employees are at home. How do you keep an overview?
  • Your spare parts are delayed. But where is the shipment? Is it safe?
  • Company vehicles stand idle as employees self-isolate. How do you protect them from theft?
  • Rental contracts and invoicing have become disrupted. Where are your machines? Are they still being used?

Managers navigate a new reality

It is hard to maintain complete control of all the aspects of your company in a disrupted business environment.

But in a world fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping an overview and reacting quickly to changes is now not only the key to staying in front of your competition.

For some, it is the key to staying in business.

In this new reality, the innovative tools and data made available by IoT tracking become not only a way of optimizing business. It becomes an integral way of conducting a healthy business.

Making a difference across industries

No one knows your business like you. But the fight against the new coronavirus teaches us that uncertainty can hit in unprecedented ways at an incredible speed.

The data from tracking devices and data loggers provides you with the information you need in this new reality.

  • « Stay home, stay safe » does not necessarily mean losing the overview of the particulars of your business. Manage everything from your home office by analyzing data from your assets and transports such as GPS location and other intelligent sensor input available on our software platform, the Trusted Visibility Suite.
  • Accommodate the needs of impatient customers or partners by making business decisions and promises based on concrete data from devices mounted directly on the business assets you care about.
  • Keep an overview of vital business areas such as the state of your supply chain, the utilization of rental machines, and the security of vehicles and equipment.

I want to know more

Let our tracking specialists review your case today.

At Trusted A/S we are a team of problem solvers, and we are especially active these months by helping managers and owners solve business cases.

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