März 23, 2020

Trusted A/S revolutionizes battery-powered GPS and data tracking once again

Introducing the new TG10 tracker with improved battery capacity, Trusted A/S once again revolutionizes the industry of battery-powered GPS and data tracking.

Trusted A/S is proud to introduce the TG10 battery-powered tracking device.

The new product is an impressive new addition to our line-up of durable and intelligent tracking devices and data loggers for businesses across industries.

The new TG10 improves the already market-leading battery-life from Trusted with 66 percent compared to the TG9.

This means that customers with a TG10 can analyze reliable data from the advanced sensors in the tracking device and enjoy complete equipment visibility on our multi-platform software solution, Trusted Visibility Suite, for years on end.

Longer battery life means more possibilities

With the TG10, we are matching the ambition of our customers and partners.

The new tracker combines the need for extraordinary long-term tracking of businesses within logistics, shipping and rail transport with the ability to transmit larger data sets from the advanced sensors in the device several times a day.

The prolonged battery life offers the possibility of increasing the number of position updates daily or tracking even more logs from the advanced sensors.

It is a result of having pushed ourselves to exceed even the high ambitions of our customers within these segments.

Boasting of a battery life of more than 10 years based on transmissions of 2 positions a day, the TG10 opens up a whole new array of possibilities within the field of long-term tracking.

Ready to take on the world

You can now fit your container, cart or non-powered trailer with the Trusted TG10 and send it out into the world with the knowledge of having position and data directly from your asset for a previously unseen number of years.

Rail companies will now be able to log detailed data from a fleet of rail carts for even longer before thinking about replacing the unit that empowers them with this data.

Managers can now track more positions and more logged data from their various trailers for several years.

Hard to reach assets such as containers can also be fitted with the TG10 and be expected to transmit position throughout year-long journeys across the globe.

Also, the TG10 is made to work seamlessly together with different attachments like RHT tags and ID tags.

The safe option when longevity and durability are key

Our customers and partners will undoubtedly come up with even more business cases, where longevity and durability are key.

To accommodate your tracking needs, our specialists are always ready to help and assist in any business case.

Contact us to share your business case or to hear more about the new TG10.

You can also visit the Resources-section to download a product specification sheet of the TG10.

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