octobre 6, 2020

Trusted A/S receives ‘Gazelle award’ for outstanding and consistent business growth

The title of ‘Gazelle company’ has been awarded to Trusted A/S. An honor based on hard work, a successful product and great cooperation with customers and partners, says CEO.

We are proud to announce that we have received a ‘Gazelle award’ from leading Danish business newspaper Dagbladet Børsen.

The award is no easy feat, as prizes are only given to companies which have maintained outstanding and consistent business growth over a period of 4 years.

An official diploma was presented to a proud CEO, Niels Henrik Olesen, on Tuesday.

He was quick to point out the hard work of his employees to create a state-of-the-art tracking solution, well received by partners and customers, as the foundation of the success of Trusted A/S.

The gazelle that kept running

The new status as ‘Gazelle company’ is well suited to Trusted A/S. Things are moving fast, and they have been for many years.

Official award documents dictate that for a company to be characterized as ‘Gazelle’, it needs to register a growth in revenue of at least 100% over a period of four years.

This recognition therefore speaks as much to the past years of business as to the present day.

A recognition for the whole company

CEO at Trusted A/S, Niels Henrik Olesen, was a proud recipient of the Gazelle award. He sees it as another sign that Trusted is moving in a positive direction.

“We are proud of this recognition in particular, as it highlights the health and success of our company over a longer period of years,” he says.

“This is not just a board room recognition. It is an award that acknowledges the daily work of our employees, the success of our tracking solution and the great cooperation with customers and partners,” Niels Henrik Olesen insists.

On to the future

The positive news comes near the end of a very eventful 2020 for Trusted A/S.

New products, new hirings, and a new headquarters have all taken place in a year otherwise characterized by the challenges posed by COVID-19.

At Trusted, however, we have continued to work closely together with its global partners. Like us, they see these months as a further reminder of the relevance for businesses optimization.

Whether it be a tool for effective asset management, secure theft prevention, or tracking in a disrupted supply chain, a tracking solution from Trusted have proven it can optimize businesses across industries for many years now.

So, we look forward to the future and aim to live up to the name of ‘Gazelle company’ by continuing to grow and run a healthy business.

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