octobre 15, 2021

Trusted A/S proudly receives ‘Gazelle award’ for the second year in a row

Once again, Trusted A/S has been recognized for 'outstanding and consistent business growth' by the leading Danish business newspaper, Dagbladet Børsen.

With no shortage of pride, Trusted A/S this week received our second Gazelle award in two years.

The ‘Gazelle’ is a prestigious recognition handed out by the leading Danish business newspaper Dagbladet Børsen exclusively to companies maintaining outstanding and consistent business growth over a period of 4 years.

With two consecutive awards across these disruptive times, this news points to quite an accomplishment.

A testament to hard work

With last year’s award in one hand, CEO of Trusted A/S, Niels Henrik Olesen, gestures with the other to the offices in the Trusted headquarters behind him.

« Awards like these are a testament to the hard work of our employees, » he says.

« The dedication from everyone on the team has been a joy to be a part of, » Niels says, while also highlighting the leadership of a dedicated board of directors as a strong component for success.

« However, » he insists, « at the end of the day, it is the special relationship we enjoy with our partners and customers that gives us the opportunity to enjoy days like these. »

Excitement for the future

Trusted A/S has almost doubled its number of employees in the last couple of years, successfully attracting talent to the headquarters in Silkeborg, Denmark, in all departments.

The R&D department has been boosted in order to keep innovating our tracking solution, while the sales department now covers even more countries with dedicated personnel to service customers across numerous languages.

With exciting new products in our pipeline, Trusted A/S is therefore looking forward to the future.

We are honored to remain your trusted partner and provider of first-class IoT tracking solutions.

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