noviembre 11, 2021

New Senior Project Manager at Trusted A/S improves customer quality experience

We are thrilled to announce a new important addition to the Trusted A/S team. Senior project manager Kim Allerslev has been appointed to lead and coordinate projects from A to Z while keeping a strong and constructive dialogue with our customers.

An increasing number of exciting new projects are landing on our desks due to an increasing number of satisfied customers worldwide.

Therefore, we have decided to make the in-house processes run even smoother by boosting Trusted A/S with an experienced project manager.

Background in R&D

With an engineering background, Kim Allerslev has long experience within project management and customer relations, where he has participated in developing and implementing new products and software systems.

In other words, his main role has been to guarantee the highest quality through the complete product lifecycle.

He is now more than ready for new adventures and responsibilities in the IoT universe at Trusted A/S.

Synergy between departments

Kim’s new role at Trusted A/S is to keep the current dialogue with the customers throughout the projects, and make sure that technical and commercial agreements are fulfilled with mutual satisfaction.

Furthermore, he will coordinate the collaboration between the R&D team and the sales and marketing department on various development projects based on the need of our customers.

His responsibility is to make sure that the synergy between the three departments is always up to date.

IoT project management

“We are taking in numerous IoT projects for customers all around the globe, so we find it important to implement professional project management at Trusted A/S.”, CEO at Trusted A/S, Niels Henrik Olesen, says and continues:

“We are sure that Kim’s solid work experience within project management will be a great benefit for both our customers and the internal processes at Trusted.”

“I am very excited to be joining such a capable team of engaged people, and I am looking forward to be working on the many projects that lie ahead – both with customers and internally”, Kim concludes.

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