October 31, 2017

Trusted Visibility Suite now supports Multilanguage

Trusted has released the portal, which now enables Multilanguage. The overall focus has been expanding Trusted internationally why the language until now has been English.

Our customers have requested more language options and to accommodate this, Trusted Visibility Suite now supports English, German, and Danish.

It is a pleasure that the number of German and Danish speaking customers is increasing. With the Multilanguage, we also support our international customers enabling a customer to have different languages for employees.

Germany is an important market for Trusted. The translation of TVS is part of an overall strategy, in which we have expanded our partner agreements in Germany and expect the German-speaking customers to grow.

We are a Danish company, and therefore is it also important to accommodate our loyal Danish customers.

More languages will be added concurrently with our strategic growth.

To switch languages, click on your username after login and scroll down to the language field. Choose your language in the dropdown and save your settings.


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