February 20, 2017

Trusted Scanner App

Speed up the installation time of your Trusted devices

[Note: new, updated app is under development]

The new Trusted Scanner app (Trusted Mobility SuiteTM) enables you to install the device in under 1 minute.

It allows the installer to use a smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code and Trusted device ID. By doing so, you automatically save the position and the additional information into the Trusted Visibility SuiteTM (TVS) database for quick and easy set-up.

For further reference to the installation place on the asset – you can make a photo and easily store it online in the TVS for future use and reference. This could be for added security in connection with a theft and insurance claims. This feature is a valuable addition to your asset management handling.

You simply log in via your normal Trusted login credentials and follow the easy instructions.


  • Trusted Scanner App is for scanning and installation of GPS trackers from Trusted
  • Scan the QR code on the GPS tracker device and install the device on asset
  • Add your data, image, and hashtags for the asset


  • Fewer sources of wrong data
  • Improvement of your master data (with text and images)
  • The easy naming of units
  • The exact position of a unit

Trusted Scanner requirements

To use and take advantage of the new Trusted app you need the following:

Smartphone with either iOS or Android. You will find the app in either App Store or Google Play.


It is free for download.


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