Thinking outside the box: Avoid loss of working hours with predictive maintenance

Too many lost working hours due to breakdowns and unscheduled service lead a Swedish company with large construction machines to the Trusted tracking solution. Soon they had implemented predictive maintenance to both machines and non-powered assets.

“How do we avoid losing working hours to breakdowns and waiting for replacement of our non-powered equipment?”

This was the challenge of one of our Swedish customers.

But normally there is no way to monitor the use of non-powered equipment. And when you want to track the use and condition of a massive loading bucket that works with crushed rocks in a rough environment, it seems impossible.

However, the Trusted tracking solution can do the task.

One solution to stay in control

A Swedish company contacted Entrack, supplier of wear parts, buckets and straps for heavy machinery.

They wanted a solution which ensured that serviceable wear plates and other wear parts of the steel bucket on their massive CAT wheel loader was changed on time.

Besides this predictive maintenance, they wanted to know when the investment of new and more expensive parts was due in order to avoid any loss of working hours through breakdowns or waiting for replacements.

Our partners, Euro Spårning, provided them with a Trusted tracker to mount on the back of the bucket.

The durable and reliable tracking solution that just works

Trusted’s trackers are not afraid of dirt, shocks or the forces of nature. This has been proven on icebergs in the Atlantic, wildlife in Africa and now also in a gravel pit in rocky Sweden.

And just as advertised, the sensors in the tracker now provide the company with data on the actual utilization hours and the amount of shock the bucket sustains.

This enables them to calculate when serviceable wear parts should be changed, which prolongs the lifespan of the massive steel bucket on the wheel loader.

An alarm in the software suite will also notify the user when the predictive maintenance and ultimately replacement is due based on the data from the asset.

A profitable investment

Tracking non-powered equipment individually from the machinery it is attached to is a whole new way of performing predictive maintenance to your business assets.

And the combination of thinking outside the box and a first-class tracking solution has become a profitable combination for our customers.

The company is now able to differentiate between the use of their equipment and their machine, so it is no problem that a wheel loader would use different buckets at different times.

With the attached tracker, the company now knows when service is due to the serviceable wear plates of each bucket. 

By installing trackers on each machine, they would similarly know when maintenance is needed to the machine itself.

It is an investment with a cost-saving potential both economically and environmentally for construction corporations and rental companies as it extends the maximum life of your machines and equipment.


Looking for a tracking solution?

Think outside the box with us. Contact us to hear how the advanced sensors of our tracking devices and data loggers can solve your business cases.

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Sales Director

Peter Nissen


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