New insights and instant value for money from investing in supply chain tracking

B&W Vølund both manufactures, constructs, maintains and operates renewable energy plants.

They often found themselves in a position where they needed to answer exactly where their cargo was and when it would arrive at the final location.

The search for supply chain visibility led them to contact Trusted A/S and their investment in tracking quickly resulted in new insights into their supply chain along with one instant value for money experience.

New insights from tracking – a customized solution

With Trusted trackers and data loggers attached to their cargo, B&W Vølund now uses the Trusted Visibility Suite™ to analyze data directly from the devices.

Special focus is on the shock sensor and whether assets have been exposed to potential drops during transport and shipment.

Along with the tracking of GPS positions, this has enabled them to control the handling of their valuable cargo. This in turn has resulted in substantial cost savings.

B&W Vølund is headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark. They are suppliers of efficient and environmentally sound waste-to-energy as well as biomass energy plants.

An instant value for money experience

Along with the new insights from tracking their supply chain, B&W Vølund quickly received a clear value for money experience. 

In connection with a transit at a port in China, a tracker reported that it had been exposed to excessive shock values.

A message from the Trusted Visibility Suite ticked in on phone and email, notifying managers that the tracking device had measured an impact at 5,5 G – way above the user-specified limit.

Ready for inspection on the Trusted Visibility Suite, the data was clear:

Logged data on shock levels, as displayed in the graph seen above, indicates that the cargo had been handled with caution until it reached the port. Here the container received an impact of 5,5 G indicating a drop.

As illustrated on the satellite photo, the tracker also marked its GPS position when logging the shock values.

All data put together points to the fact that the incident happened during the off-loading from the ship at the dockside.

Tracking insights with great value

All in all, the cooperation with Trusted have provided insights of great value for B&W Vølund:

  • It enables them to analyze every single cargo for potential damages during transport and shipments.
  • It helps them in insurance disputes in the case of damages during transport. 
  • They can quickly determine the location of their cargo and provide clear information as to when shipments reach the customer.


Some orders are sold on a CIF clause, which means that the final customer is liable for potential damages.

As you can imagine, this means real savings can now be realized through documentation of damage by using Trusted tracking devices and cloud-based management solution.


Looking for a tracking solution?

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Sales Director

Peter Nissen


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