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IoT-based fleet management raised productivity and reduced fleets by up to 25%

Companies save money on logistics and raise productivity with the fleet management software from our partner APX Systems. The hardware that fuels their data is powered by Trusted A/S IoT asset monitoring devices.

Millions of containers are being transferred around the world this very minute.

Packed with valuable or fragile content, they are stored onboard massive ships or on the docks of enormous harbors.

And in this haystack of containers, IoT tracking is the ideal tool to find the needle that is your shipment and know if it’s safe and sound.

Implemented in your fleet management, it is a most effective way to monitor and manage both small and large fleets of shipping containers.

Full-stack fleet management – from start to finish with IoT

It can be difficult for individual companies to find the time and expertise to maintain the effective fleet management standards they would like.

They therefore turn to experts like Norwegian technology company APX Systems AS which helps businesses manage entire fleets of shipping containers worldwide.

They have been providing full-stack solutions for industrial logistics since 1997, a service that makes sure that goods arrive at the right place, in time and safely.

But that is not all.

Based on the IoT data in the fleet management system, they offer valuable advice on even how to downsize the fleet and save unnecessary costs on containers or harbor rental fees.

Software meets hardware and falls in love

“Our partnership with Trusted A/S started after we coincidently ran into the CTO of Trusted A/S at a conference”, CEO of APX Systems, Jan Erik Evanger, explains.

“We quickly realized that there was a great potential for a collaboration between our two companies.”

The company’s APX Fleet Manager software system is now directly connected to the built-in sensors of the Trusted tracking hardware. The tracking devices are mounted directly onto containers and provide the data that drives the APX software system.

 “We integrate the data from the Trusted Data Portal via API to our platform. This API solution was what made it possible to collaborate with Trusted,” Jan Erik Evanger says.

Reduction of fleet by 20-25%

With the smart IoT data from containers all around the globe, APX Fleet Manager software monitors the fleets of their customers.

And not only monitors, APX Systems AS also assists companies in optimizing their supply chain.

Actually, a combination of the APX Fleet Manager and the Trusted tracking solution has helped many companies reduce bloated container fleets by up to 20-25%.

Needless to say, the return of investment on APX’ solutions is very profitable.

AIS for global position coverage

APX Systems’ software is furthermore connected to the Automatic Identification System.

With AIS, the customers can see the position of containers even on truly remote areas with no GPS or GSM connection, such as in the middle of oceans and even around the polar circle.

This combination of the APX Fleet manager, the AIS system and the Trusted tracking devices is the ideal solution for companies who need data from their assets as well as current positions in even the most remote areas.

Strong collaborations make happy customers

“We have only received positive feedback from customers using the Trusted solution with us,” Jan Erik Evanger says.

“Beforehand, we could problems with the battery lifetime of the tracking devices, but this has improved significantly.”

“We really appreciate the quick support we get from Trusted whenever we need advice or help” he says, and concludes:

“This way, we can optimize our services, and help our customers save further time, money, and unnecessary trouble.”


Why implement professional fleet management for the transportation of your goods?

  • Monitor the exact location of assets and non-powered equipment
  • See bread-crumbs trail of transport route
  • Receive shocktemperaturelight data and more directly from assets
  • Secure high-value goods
  • Increased supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Downsize in fleet and save harbor costs
  • Integration into existing third-party ERP and management systems via API


Looking for a tracking solution?

We know a lot about how to secure your valuable assets and equipment.

Get a relevant demo of the possibilities for you. Give me a call today or book a meeting here – online or on-site.

Sales Director

Peter Nissen


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