Industry 4.0

Benefits of Industry 4.0 automation and IoT tracking

What is Industry 4.0? And what is IoT? Learn what IoT tracking and automation can offer your business.

Have you already put the digitalization of your business in the “done” pile?

Does Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things sound more like corporate buzzwords than something of actual value to your business?

Challenge your thinking and learn how non-wired IoT devices can measure the working hours of even heavy industry tools or enable you to track and protect your supply chain.

Take advantage of government subsidies to reap the real-life benefits of the tracking data IoT devices can provide. 

Read on or sign up below to find out how Industry 4.0 and IoT actually make concrete sense to your business.

What is Industry 4.0?

Many understand digitalization as nothing more than digital aids such as an updated business website or email-based invoicing.

But the concept of Industry 4.0 challenges us to take our thinking to a new level by using smart technology to automate actual central parts of our businesses.

An important element at the heart of this smart technology is the Internet of Things (IoT).

And by embracing what is possible through IoT, we open up for real transformative possibilities for both businesses as well as people’s lives.

How does the Internet of Things work?

Many already live with IoT technology at home.

When the light in your bedroom automatically turns on with your alarm. When the coffee machine has a cup ready when you get out of bed. When you change channels on your TV with your smartphone.

Having your home appliances connected to the internet makes your everyday life easier.

However, while we embrace it at home, many are hesitant to implement IoT at work where habit is king.

But breaking habits and challenging the status quo is often a characteristic of successful businesses.

Did you know?

The Italian government has a subsidy scheme of €2.7 bn (2018-2031) dedicated to financing public and private entities (including foreign ones) in strategic areas.

The scheme is made with particular regard to the “National Plan Impresa 4.0” which explicitly targets Industry 4.0.

The investment is meant to increase the competitiveness and productivity of the national economy.

Source: Italian Ministry of Economic Development, report  

Relevant and real-life benefits of Internet 4.0 and IoT

At Trusted A/S, we are experts in IoT and the automated processes and possibilities this offers across various industries.

We have helped many different businesses with our IoT devices and tracking solution to:

  • … carry out preventive maintenance and track usage statistics on construction tools such as breakers and drill hammers.
  • … ensure correct invoicing to rental machinery based on actual usage and to provide theft protection based on position and recovery technology.
  • … create an overview to logistics managers by keeping them in control with smart alarms if shipments are exposed to exceeded shock and impact levels and more.

Learn IoT from the experts

We want to offer our expertise by breaking down the advantages and transformative effects of implementing IoT in various business cases.

Allow us to go beyond the corporate buzzwords of Industry 4.0 and IoT and offer concrete examples that will inspire you to rethink your own business.

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