October 9, 2019

New update introduces even more data logging functionalities

You can now get even more data with a tracking device from Trusted A/S. Firmware update 3.10 introduces new advanced logging functionalities that help you gain new business insights through data analytics.

We proudly introduce our newest firmware update 3.10 to our trackers.

The update focuses on improving data logging functionalities and opens a whole new world of tracking by introducing more ways to measures the utilization of assets.

Here is what to expect:

More logging, more data, more insights

Our customers love data. And in update 3.10, we have boosted the data logging functionalities in our tracker.

Most users do not need to check in on their devices more than once or twice a day. However, they still want regular data about their assets such as GPS-position or trigger events like motion, shock and temperature.

To accommodate this, 3.10 devices are now able to log both GPS data and individual trigger events without sending transmissions at each occurrence. This gives you the opportunity to receive even more data without compromising the battery life of your devices.

Furthermore, for users who love big data sets, it is now possible to log full sensor data and GPS information down to every 15 minutes.

This takes data analytics to a whole new level, enabling you to gain even more insights into your business or obtaining an even higher degree of safety when tracking your assets.

More ways to measure utilization of assets

As you might know, with a Trusted tracking device mounted on your machinery, you can track how much and how often your assets are used through our Utilization feature.

Normally, utilization is based on motion by connecting the use of an asset to when it is moving. But with 3.10 we offer more ways to determine utilization by taking advantage of sensors that detect light, temperature and vibration. This gives you the possibility to track the utilization of even more assets.

3.10 devices can now distinguish between when machinery like an excavator is digging or when it is moving around normally. This means the tracker disregards normal movement, but only measures the actual working time of the excavator.

You can also determine utilization as when your asset is exposed to light. For assets that are only in use at a certain temperature, like motors or processors, you can determine utilization by temperature.

More features on the Trusted Visibility Suite

You will experience other new features and possibilities of the 3.10 firmware update from Trusted when you visit the Trusted Visibility Suite.

Here you will find more advanced graphs, which now include maximum and minimum peak levels from the sensors of the tracking device, providing you with a complete overview of your data.

To hear more about the new features and how it can empower your business, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Also, find help and guides to the new features on our newly updated Trusted Help Site.


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