April 3, 2018

New Trusted tracking devices support 3G network

We are glad to announce that we in January 2018 launched our new TG-series of tracking devices that support 3G network. During the development, we have also extended the log function.

As the 2G coverage is being faded out in some countries we decided to develop and launch a 3G product series for long-term tracking. Adding 3G tracking devices to our product portfolio will lead to better market penetration, as we now offer true global coverage.

The TG-series consists of two IoT products, TG7 and TG9. The TG-series is designed with a combined 2G and 3G GSM Module. They are similar to our T7+ and T9 tracking devices for all sensors.  The TG series is globally approved. The enhanced power management together with the faster network gives the TG series 20% more transmission capacity.

In connection with the development of the TG-series, we have developed an extended log function. It now supports a larger amount of data, but it also logs sensor data like utilization, shock, humidity, temperature, light, tilt, and data from the tags.

The target is mainly the American market and other countries where termination dates for 2G have been announced. Therefore, Trusted see a market demand for tracking devices with a 3G/2G GSM module, which we will like to accommodate.

In continuation of this, we are visiting the exhibition WINDPOWER 2018 in Chicago in May to present our new product series.

The exhibition will take place from the from May 7-10, 2018. We will be a part of the Pavilion of Denmark – you will find us at the booth 1525. We will be delighted to welcome you there!

If you are interested in the new TG-series or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on following details:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +45 71 99 73 07


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