March 14, 2019

New feature updates

We are pleased to introduce our recently added features that are now available. All new features are available from firmware 3.05 or by purchasing new products from Trusted.

80% more data – less battery consumption

We have extended the log-function, so the tracker can log sensor data in a defined interval. The transmission of data uses a lot of battery, so the tracking device can store up to 100 logs and sends all sensor data in one transmission – thus you achieve more information of GPS positions and sensor data while minimizing battery consumption.

Historical data is important to many of our clients – but not necessarily many times every day. By enabling the log-function, the tracking device provides a large volume of sensor data, delivered when you want it. When scaling down the transmission rate, you preserve battery life – although the log is enabled you can still get immediate alarms when condition values exceed the defined limits.

An example is cold chain monitoring. It is essential to monitor the temperature throughout the entire transportation process and stay within compliance. One example could be a delivery that requires 2-5 degrees from departure to arrival. The tracking device logs the temperature of the shipment every hour but only transmits the sensor data to the server twice. If the cargos temperature exceeds 5 degrees as the selected limit, you will still get an alarm. This enables you to minimize the battery consumption by transmitting fewer transmissions daily but providing more sensor and GPS position data.

Enable Flight mode on your tracking device

The flight mode new setting allows you to prevent the tracking device to transmit sensor data to the server during a defined period.

It is typically intended to secure safe conditions during a flight where activities that require radio transmission are forbidden. Furthermore, it is also useful during longer periods on ocean transport without mobile network coverage. When the tracking device has flight mode enabled, it is still able to collect position and sensor data in the log, but it will not transmit the sensor data to the server before it finishes the flight mode period.

This is a schematic representation of how flight mode works.



Manage temperature limits

Secure correct delivery quality and compliance of your goods and equipment. Trusted Visibility Suite can now be configured to trigger the device to send alarms on low/high temperature at a selected limit. It enables you to get notifications when temperature conditions exceed temperature limits.

Configurations pending

You are now able to see when configurations on Trusted Visibility Suite are pending. The orange buttons and the text will be red when a new configuration is pending. That way, you can always see if your changes are applicable.

Over-the-air update

We are now able to update the firmware over-the-air. This means we can improve functions and distribute system updates like technical services. The over-the-air update is available from firmware version 3.05 or newer.

If you have any questions about the new features, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +45 71 99 73 07


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