Febbraio 7, 2024

Innovation meets sustainability: The new Trusted T1 version with replaceable batteries

We are delighted to introduce our first data logger and tracking device that combines the benefits of IoT data tracking with the option of replaceable batteries.

We are delighted to announce the Trusted T1 version – a groundbreaking new addition to our energy-efficient range of data loggers and tracking devices.

With its replaceable batteries, the T1 is the perfect companion for long-term tracking operations of assets that are shipped and returned for reshipment. The easy process of battery replacement supports a sustainable policy for enabling the reuse of the tracking hardware.

The new version has the potential to become a major upgrade for many current and new users of the Trusted data logging solution.

Available with the advanced sensor technology of both our Standard and RHTP editions.

The Trusted T1 version is in stock and available to order.

Key highlights of the Trusted T1 version

The main characteristics of the new Trusted T1 version include the following three highlights:

Replaceable batteries

The Trusted T1 version comes equipped with two replaceable high-quality batteries.

This game-changing feature will extend the hardware’s lifespan as it enables devices to be reused long-term, again and again.

These benefits only require that devices are within reach in intervals, such as reshipments or service, where the easy process of replacing the batteries is performed.

Advanced data tracking and monitoring

The Trusted T1 version is available in two editions, making it perfect for a wide range of use cases.

The Standard edition offers support of external sensors – such as RHT tags – and includes a radio beacon signal that can be activated in recovery operations of lost assets.

The RHTP edition includes high-precision monitoring of relative humidity, temperature, and air pressure, and is perfect for tracking sensitive transports and installations and much more.

Sustainable focus

The Trusted T1 version stands out as the obvious choice for businesses that require long-term quality tracking in use cases where batteries can be replaced and recycled.

Improving the lifetime of our data loggers and tracking devices is a part of our sustainable outlook. Our solutions also have this focus: making assets last longer by avoiding breakdowns, recovering assets for continuous use, or using assets more effectively to downsize fleets.

This is why we are happy to launch this sustainable version for customers who wish to join this mission without compromising on functionality.

Meeting market requests

A Trusted data tracker with replaceable batteries has proven to be an asked-for option among our customers and trends in the market.

We are proud – not only to deliver on these requests – but to introduce this sustainable tracking solution crafted to match the growing needs of considering the environment in more business areas.

Niels Henrik Olesen, CEO of Trusted A/S, says: “As we unveil the Trusted T1 version, I am particularly excited about the new long-term use cases that this device will create. The replaceable batteries will increase longevity and make it a sustainable choice for our customers.”

“I commend our dedicated team for their efforts in developing this T1 device that we hope not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our customers,” he says.

Ready to elevate your tracking experience?

Experience the future of data tracking with the Trusted T1 version. Choose sustainability, versatility, and efficiency.

Contact our tracking specialists to learn more about this groundbreaking T1 device or visit our website for additional details.

Read about the functionality of the Trusted T1 or download product sheets to browse the specification online here: Trusted T1 version data tracker with replaceable batteries: Keeps on working for you.

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