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IoT technology enables you to recover lost and stolen equipment!

The supply chain has grown more complex which means, it requires more safety and visibility. Cargo loss and theft are an increasing problem that often results in concern, huge costs, and disruption in the supply chain.

It has cost businesses in the United States around 30 billion dollars each year in cargo loss and only a small number is recovered, according to a report from FBI (UCR).

Also, intern theft continues to happen. It is difficult to detect intern theft and it’s challenging to claim employees. Theft and lost cargo result in several costs of replacing equipment, lost time and revenue from project delays. It does not just hit companies bottom line but also their competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Therefore, there is a growing need for cargo and supply chain security.

To address these challenges, many companies are started adopting new IoT technology to get real-time data and analytics during transport and shipment. This to enhance supply chain intelligence, streamlines processes, and create more security.

Trusted offer a small non-wired GPS tracking device combined with a cloud-based software solution that transmits real-time data of location and conditions. It provides complete visibility of the supply chain that helps industries to prevent the risk of theft and increases the chance of recovery.


Supply chain visibility

An IoT solution allows you to keep track of high-value goods. It keeps you aware of real-time location and status of your assets and equipment globally which enables you to ensure that everything is where it should be.

Identify when suspicious incidences occur through alert reports. Set up alerts that warn you when your equipment is moving, when it should not be.

Also, the intelligent software enables you to configure a geo zone, that is a defined geographic area, which can notify you when assets move in or out of a specified area.

For example, set up the area around your construction site. The tracking device will, therefore, immediately alert you when an asset or equipment leave the construction site.

Further, get alerts when the tracking device get exposed to light. For example, when a thief opens up a container or a box with high-value goods.


Recover your stolen and lost equipment

In the event of theft, you can easier recover your lost and stolen equipment if it is equipped with a tracking device. The system can provide a position of an asset from GPS, Iridium satellite or a triangulated position based on mobile network which makes it easy to pinpoint the location.

When the stolen asset is covert inside buildings or other locations where GPS signals cannot be obtained, you can also turn on radio beacon for nearfield search on the software portal. The tracking device will start sending signals, which enables you to recover the equipment with recover scanner.


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